Trucking In Erie, PA- Part Three (1956)

Here is a list of Transportation Lines found in the 1956 City Directory:

Akron-Chicago Transportation Company 2001 West 12th: Donald J Herbert- terminal manager, Walter R Lucas Jr- dispatcher, Mrs Jean E Will- office worker, Emory R Wolfe- dockman

Associated Transport, Inc. Verne E Baker- mechanic, Frank W Berridge- driver, Edward L Bogart- driver, Kenneth D Clover- driver, Donald J Daly- office worker, Glenn W Ewer- office worker, Ralph N Fulton- driver, Ellery W Green- mechanic, Ronald E Guthrie- driver, Donald E Hansen- dispatcher, Hoyle K Herwick- driver, Willis R Holby- driver, Raymond G Holland- driver, Robert W Kisser- driver, Ralph Oatman- driver, Burt Randall- driver, John Reeder- loader, Carl Roche- driver, Norman D Tousey- driver, Francis I Willman- driver

CABY Transportation Company 2402 Cherry: Frank Miklar- manager

Chester Durst Moving Company, Charles L Gaerttner- helper, Hugh C Gaerttner- helper, Otto R Gaerttner- driver, Raymond T Gaerttner- driver, Richard J Gaerttner- driver, Donald E Olson- driver, Robert T Stahlbaum- helper,

Dixie-Ohio Express Company 2021 Buffalo Rd: Forest L Green- driver, Bob A Motherwell- driver, Alexander S Rowinski- cashier, Russell F Shiup- driver

Eagle Trucking Company office- Parade Street at northeast corner of East 16th Street, terminal at 1220 Sassafras Street: Edward Q Brown- President and manager, Francis L Brown- Treasurer, Ruth I Briwn- Vice President, Wallace Brown- Secretary (lives in Toledo, Ohio), Albert Covey- Driver, Leo R Daniwski- driver, Charles L Gardner- driver, Frank W Herman- driver, George J Kershaw- driver, Carl P Niejelski- driver, Levi J Perkins- driver, Arthur J Schley- driver, Donald R Slater- driver, Gerald E Westman- driver

Erie Storage & Moving: Milo Aldrich- helper, Mrs Esther Blasco- employee, Ray F Dipko- Driver, Mrs Ann V Irwin- Secretary and Treasurer, Ray L Irwin- President, Raymond P Tyczkowski- warehouseman, Byron Hulihan- driver,

Erie Trucking Company 1314 West 18th Street: Kenneth Adams- driver, William J Alcorn- driver, Edward Barney- employee, Edward L Blade- driver, Arthur Brown- Vice President, Homer Brown- President, James Brown- Driver, Frank S Beugaj Jr- dispatcher, Arthur Cage- driver, Robert C Cook- driver, Esther Davis- clerk, Fred O Davis- driver, Melvin Drake- driver, Bernard Fiokek-driver, Howard C Fuller- driver, Colette Hedderick- clerk, Leo Hedderick- mechanic, John W Hollis- dockman, Donald King- dockman, Michael Kuholski- employee, Dorothy Lewis- clerk, Donald R McLallen- driver, Milo McVickor- driver, Hubert A Minor- driver, Walter Musel- salesman, Benjamin E Nye- mechanic, Robert A Ohmer- traffic manager, Donald Pierce- salesman, James Popeski- dockman, Glenn Post- Driver, John W Powell- driver, Samuel L Shank- dockman, Roy Shunk- dockman, Floyd W Snell- driver, Robert W Stanley- salesman, George R Willman- laborer , Lois Boberg- clerk,

Erie-Pittsburgh Motor Express 25 East 18th: Mary E Bateman- cashier, Donald E Baxter- driver, Fred W Lubs- solicitor, Daniel M Meahl- salesman, Richard Perry- driver, Pasquale Fitutze- driver, Edward J Rzidkiewicz- driver

General Expressways, Inc. 1315 East 11th: Albert S Breitweiser- Driver, George J Crail- terminal manager, Gordon G Herrick- Driver, William R Cross- terminal superintendent, William R Lapensz- driver, Sylvester J Myers- driver, Ralph M Aldrich- driver, Charles L McGinnett- office manager

Hall’s Motor Transit Company 2508 Pittsburgh Av: Arthur F Ahrens- Driver, Laurence Angelotti- janitor, Jack T Briggs- driver, Charles W Costolo- driver, GK Irwin- driver, Donald A Johnson- manager, Charles E Milielski- driver, Robert J Oliver’s- office worker, Joseph J Fiokek- Driver

Herman Transportation Co. 2021 Buffalo Rd

Inter-State Motor Freight System 324 East 19th employees working at this terminal were Albert F Beute- dockman, James A Davidson- office manager, George Heynoski- driver, William J Keough- driver, John D Oreniga- driver, Charles E Peasley- manager, Wells Mattson- driver,

MV IrwinMoving & Storage, 953 West 12th Street-William Cowley- Driver, John L Day- driver, Warren B George- driver, Clifford Hoover- driver, J Harvey Meyers- maintenance man,

Irwin Transportation Co. 1901 Myrtle

Lake Shore Motor Freight, Inc. 239 East 22nd, employee roster included Clyde A Barnett- driver, Ernest Denning- office worker, DE Irwin- laborer, Allen Lones- laborer,

Lyons Transportation Company 2611 French: Everett Allen- driver, Coy D Artz- Driver, Harry Aylesworth- driver, Robert F Aylesworth- driver, Clarence W Bemis- driver, Adolph Bernardini- driver, Thomas Boyd- driver, Clarence H Brace- foreman, Trenton A Brown- driver, Basil P Cappello- driver, Elmer S Carlson- checker, HjahmarCarlson- driver, Benjamin A Cerri- driver, E Fred Cieslak- driver, John M Cochran- President, Philip G Cochran- Vice President, Crawford S Cowan- Driver, William H Dudley- driver, Joseph E Fava- driver, Raymond A Gibbs- driver, William Gibbs- mechanic, Richard C Heibel- office worker, Frank M Hess- driver, Stephen J Hornyak- mechanic, Edwin B Huff- driver, Carroll J Irwin- parts manager, Leroy O Johnson- draftsman, Valentine A Keller- office worker, John J Kennedy Jr- driver, Horace M Kobloch- mechanic, John J Kuhn- driver, James A Lieb- parts manager, Harvey A Lindbergh- driver, Carl A Lohse- maintenance man, George A Lohse- foreman, Mariam E Long-clerk, Leonard E Lyons- checker, MS Bergman- Vice President, ES Zook- Treasurer, William W Knox- secretary, Allan MacKenzie- dispatcher, Joseph Mando- driver, Louis A Mando- driver, Rudolph W May- shop worker, Hubert R Maycock- driver, Louis J Mayer- sales manager, Theo McKee- office worker, Richard J Meade- salesman, Michael J Meter- mechanic, John F Miller- driver, Harry Mooradian- office worker, Walter H Olson- driver, Donald Palmer- driver, Harry J Papnoski- mechanic, Harold T Peterson- driver, John W Pflueger- foreman, Edward A Rapp- driver, Leo H Rastratter- clerk, Ronald D Reed- driver, Lewis P Restivo- checker, William Reynolds- driver, George M Roesch- salesman, Ernest H Russell- department manager, James D Ryan- driver, Charles H Schutte- driver, Frank L Seagar- dispatcher, Harold D Slitcher- driver, Dorothy Smith- stenographer, Theo Szymanek- laborer, Paul N Thomas- driver, Robert E Thompson- driver, George W Turner- mechanic, Clifford L Vaughn- dock worker, Joseph M Warnott- mechanic, Harold E Weed- mechanic , Mrs Connie Clemente- office clerk, Joseph G Welndorf- driver, Austin M Whippo- office manager, Clair L Wilson- driver, John R Yaple- mechanic, Harry L Yaple- mechanic,

Midwest Transfer: Milton R Abbott- driver, Rollin S Budlong-broker, Hubert B Schell- driver, Robert Wendell- driver

Newell Trucking Co. 1901 Myrtle

Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Carriers, Inc. 1966 West 20th

Roadway Express, Inc. 1315 East 11th- Sally Gallagher- office manager,

Roadway Transit 1315 East 11th: George Anderson- employee, Merle Lyons- manager, Charles O McCullough- driver, Charles McCulloch- driver, Robert Reittenger- employee, Kenneth Shaffer- employee, Chester L Shorts-employee, Buster Stanford- employee, Clare C Weed- employee , Eugene B Henry- driver, Robert A Holmes- employee,

Service Transport Co. 2514 McKinley Av, Richard Gibbs- driver, James M Logan- Driver, Alf Olesky- terminal manager,

Transamerican Freight Lines 1221 Walnut: William J Ager- dockman, Glacie W Carr- driver, Hiram F Gardner- driver, Harold R Heldt- manager, Lionel P Hewitt- driver, Joan M Hoehn- secretary, Frank A Kondrat- driver, Carl Markle- driver, Donovan E Maxwell- driver, Virgil A McArdle- driver, Gerald Munson- mechanic, Edward Noziglia- driver, Frank E Papp- mechanic, Charles Pfister- dockman, Elmer W Rubens- driver, Elmer W Rubner- driver

Valley Freight Lines, Inc. 1625 Ash: Frank T Aylesworth- driver, Edward Cieslak- dispatcher, John A Newhand- driver

Warner & Smith Motor Freight 1902 State, employee roster included Aldis Burke- driver, John W Hall- driver, Este M Watson- driver, James Modzelewski- driver, William R Stright- manager,

Western Express 1405 Parade: Henry A August- driver, KeRoy W Baxter- driver, James R Beckett- driver, Orlando A Casane- driver, William F Figueiredo- dispatcher, Frank J Grace- dockman, James D Kanash- Driver, Owen J Kellogg- driver, John L Miraszek- driver

Wilson Freight Forwarding Company Robert D Peters- foreman,

Listed under the classification of Trucking were:

BF Fields Moving & Storage Roster Of employees included George T Badarocco- driver, Charles Colonn- driver, Earl S Delo- driver, Edith L Ives- office worker, John L Leopold- driver, Clifford I Smith- driver, Anthony Mikano- employee,

Hardinger Transfer Company Robert J Burek- manager, Louis Burek- driver , Fred Durard- helper, Helen Foulke- secretary, Oscar A Langberg- Driver,

Motor Express, Inc. 1261 West 17th, employee roster included Raymond R Beardsley- driver, Howard E Beebe-driver, Michael P Bentze- driver, Cecil E Brace- dockman, Joseph J Kenny- driver, Charles E Long- dispatcher, Mrs Dorothy G MacDonald- cashier, Robert L O’Dell- driver,

Rapid Transit Co Inc. 1230 Sassafras employee roster included Harold Barnett- driver, Robert P Cooper- driver, Earl B Glover- general manager, Frank J Guzowski- driver, Lynn O Hunt- driver, Donald C Kreider- driver, Rex S Landon- foreman, Elton A Offenberg- driver, Jack O Rhodes- driver, Frank B Schlindwein- driver, Edward E Sweigart- driver, John j Kuhn Jr- driver,

Tarbet Trucking Inc. 2006 Haybarger Av- George I Crail- driver, Mary Felice- office secretary , Fred W Griffith- driver,

Willman Trucking Co. 1037 Bacon, Peter C Natcher- mechanic, Royal C Snyder- driver, Gerald F Snyder- driver, Mrs Dorothy Sullivan- office worker,


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