Toledo, Ohio 1957 Trucking Employees

AA Trucking Inc 26 Main St CC Coser- secretary- treasurer, George H Lyon- traffic manager ABC Trucking Inc Clarence Gafeny- driver Acme Cartage 808 Seneca Street (shares building with Acme Fast Freight) Ralph G Brann- driver, Donald Ruthoff- general agent Acme Fast Freight 808 Seneca Street William M Cloyne- driver, Henry G Ebright Jr- checker,Lawrence… Continue reading Toledo, Ohio 1957 Trucking Employees

Trucking Employees In Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1957

  Council Bluffs,  Iowa in 1957 was a city of 45,429 people just east of Omaha, Nebraska. Being so close to a prominent center of trucking, Council Bluffs was where a lot of employees of those trucking companies lived. Ringsby Truck Lines was the only company with a terminal actually in Council Bluffs. The others… Continue reading Trucking Employees In Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1957