Trucking Employees In Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1957


Council Bluffs,  Iowa in 1957 was a city of 45,429 people just east of Omaha, Nebraska. Being so close to a prominent center of trucking, Council Bluffs was where a lot of employees of those trucking companies lived. Ringsby Truck Lines was the only company with a terminal actually in Council Bluffs. The others that were in Omaha were well-known in trucking history, ones such as Red Ball Transfer, Burlington Truck Lines, Union Freightways, Watson Brothers Transportation, Pruka Transportation and others.

This is a list of those employed by the trucking companies across the river in Omaha, Nebraska. Compiled from a 1957 Council Bluffs city directory, this list included the names and positions of employees of those trucking companies. Keep in mind this list is only the residents of Council Bluffs, Iowa who commuted to work in Omaha, Nebraska.

Buckingham Transportation Co. Inc.

Walter R Bunce- clerk     Elmer J Humphrey- driver     Mearl J Scott- driver

Burlington Truck Lines

Leroy E Adkins- dockman     Robert L Bishop- driver     Henry P Boege Jr- driver

Fred Brooks- mechanic     James A Dreier- dock worker     Wilfred J Maguire-driver

Eugene V Montang- driver     Carl R Minyon- driver     George W Nixon- garage superintendent

William C O’Donnell- dock worker     Frederick W Peterson-terminal manager

Joseph C Salvo- driver     Curtis H Underwood- driver     William D Wolford- driver

Theodore R Woods- driver    Orville E Yochum- hostler

Herman Brothers

John H Buttz-driver     Richard D Lyons- driver     Walter Mally- mechanic

Paul G Maranville- driver     Wayne J Meggers- driver     Leonard E Nelson- driver

Independent Truckers

Dallas H Covey- driver     Donald W Hendrix- driver     Kenneth M Hollinger- driver

Harold W King- driver     William G Nelson- machinist     Richard R Pierson- driver

H Dewayne Thorpe- driver     Lonnie R Van Durien- driver

Merchants Motor Freight

Robert K Blackman- laborer     Verlow P King- driver

Nebraska Eastern Express

Carl W Browning- driver     Charles L Browning- driver     George T Burry- employee

Donald E Haines- driver     Basil E Huston- driver     Dale M Stebbins- driver

Night Owl Transfer

Harvey E Bardsley- driver

Prucka Transportation

Harvey L Avis- mechanic     Erling H Christensen- driver     Eugene E Clark- driver

Billy G Foley- driver     Leonard F Hill- laborer     John W Moran- driver

Richard S Otto- driver     Russell W Prine- serviceman     George Vogel- mechanic

Red Ball Transfer

Dale W Ackerman- mechanic     George R Brown- claim agent     Robert E Feldt- driver

Robert C Fisk- dock man     John A Grodle- driver     Fred G Hollinger- driver

Frederick W Moore- driver     Lorin C Sedan- driver

Ringsby Truck Lines

Lloyd W Belt- driver     Martha Emminger- office secretary     Richard E Hiatt- driver

Everett R Tuttle- driver

Sturm Freightways

Franks W Kirkendall- driver     Arthur E Steitbeck- driver

Transamerican Freight Lines

Joseph S Caruso- driver     James F Hornbeck- driver

Union Freightways

Robert W Ahert-checker     Lyle D Armstrong- maintenance man     John Baker-driver

Glen W Bates- freight handler     Margaret L Bishop- bookkeeper     John R Brady- driver

Edward J Brock- employee    Gordon C Bush- dispatcher    James W Campbell- driver

Clarence O Caskey- clerk    Robert W Copeland- claim agent    Wendell C Cross- driver

Watson Bros. Transportation

Marcella Alexander- code clerk     John A Allen- mechanic     Derwin W Allmon- mechanic

Donald K Anderson- employee     Dixie C Bell- office secretary    Henry P Boege- mechanic

Donald E Boyers- driver     Harry E Burgin- driver     Charles L Butler- mechanic

Roscoe K Butler- driver     Donald L Buttrey- tester     Howard A Buttrey-mechanic

Curtis S Calhoun- trailer mechanic    Charles W Chenowerth- driver     John D Childers-dockman

Wibur E Childers- dock man     Thomas H Coiman- body mechanic     Kenneth Conway- bodyman

Milton M Dinsmore- mechanic    Delbert E Dunlap- traffic manager   Leonard E Flegg-dock man

Everett E Foglesong- driver     Thomas W Garrett- dock man     Owen K Gearhart- driver

George R Ginger- driver     Betty L Gittins- clerk     Vernon G Hayes- laborer

James J Hoffman- lift operator     Robert P Johnson-driver     James A Johnson- mechanic

Robert P Johnson- driver     Clarence B Jones- driver     Donald D Jones- electrician

John T Kelley- laborer     Pearly L King- mechanic     Robert M Kitchell- driver

Paul A Koeppen- driver     J Wesley Lake- driver     Loren S Lundy- driver

Frank McConnell- foreman     Ross E Merritt- driver     George C Miller- carpenter

Donald R Moore- mechanic     Glen R Moore- mechanic     Lucille P Nicholson- PBX opearator

Robert Parker- electrician     Van D Parker- driver

Harry D Rasmussen- driver     Elbert A Reed- mechanic     Warren A Reed- mechanic

Mrs. Nadine Robinson- clerk     Robert D Rousch- driver     Jerry E Ryan- salesman

Oscar F Saar- driver     Elder O Said- driver     Clarence J Schuming- driver

Jess E Stevens- driver     Leonard J Stevens- driver     Elmer Stultz- garageman

Harold A Talbot- driver     George H Thomas- clerk     Archelle Vanderichct- driver

Arthur Vanderlicht- driver     Frank E Waugh- driver     Emmanuel J Weakley*- driver

Oral W White- driver     Clyde Wilson- mechanic     Harold J Wright- driver

Vernon F Wulff- loader




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