Trucking Companies in 1940

This is a list of the 28 largest trucking companies of general commodities in 1940, with the name of the company at that time, and total revenues for the year.

Inter-State Motor Freight System $9,907,202

Keeshin Motor Express———$5,901,651

Consolidated Motor Lines Inc—-$4,532,262

Consolidated Freightways——-$4,120,796

Horton Motor Lines————$4,350,094

Transamerican Freight Lines—–$3,498,462

M.Moran Transportation Lines—$2,814,860

Norwalk Truck Lines———–$2,698,645

Silver Fleet Motor Express Inc—$2,380,807

Brady Transfer & Storage Co.—-$3,085,071

Barnwell Brothers Inc———$2,066,671

Mason & Dixon Lines———-$1,917,844

Huber & Huber Motor Express—$1,956,094

Watson Brothers Transportation-$1,864,094

Adley Express Co Inc———-$1,750,033

Yellow Cab Transit Co———$1,569,347

Riss & Company Inc———-$1,566,202

Great Southern Trucking Co—-$1,330,765

Gordons Transports Inc——-$1,287,434

Olson Transportation Co——$1,156,126

Denver-Chicago Trucking Co—$1,131,991

Gateway City Transfer Co Inc—$1,060,031

Pacific Freight Lines———-$1,059,347

Texas & Pacific Motor Transport-$1,080,226

East Texas Motor Freight Lines-$1,042,416

Transportation Inc———–$1,030,495

Branch Motor Express Co——$875,790

Middle Atlantic Transportation-$510,252