Denver, Colorado Trucking In 1951

A & A Truck Lines 801 Walnut Street Acme Express Line 1622 Irving Street Abraham Diamond-owner, Acme Delivery Service Frank Anderson- driver, Herbert M Gavin- driver, Cecil S Knox-secretary and treasurer, Donald P Rowe-driver, Peter M Stoddard-driver, Ray Teake-driver, John R Vincent-driver, David J Schoen-driver, Acme Fast Freight Line Inc. 225 Union Station Harold A… Continue reading Denver, Colorado Trucking In 1951

Trucking In Indianapolis, Indiana In 1941

Ace Trucking Company, Inc. 521 South Delaware Street Acme Fast Freight Inc. 445 N Pennsylvania Room 445 Virgil Akers-clerk, Edward G Beck- clerk, Adkins Transfer Company 1315 Chocolate Street at West Morris Street daily direct service to Nashville, Indianapolis and Chicago; Mrs Corene M Baughman- bookkeeper, Allied Motor Express Company 315 South Alabama Street American… Continue reading Trucking In Indianapolis, Indiana In 1941