The Dayton, Ohio Terminals In 1951

In a previous post I mentioned how important of a trucking center Dayton was in earlier years. Dayton was a major industrial and manufacturing city, most notable the home to National Cash Register Company and McCall’s Sewing Patterns. Although no major carriers were based in Dayton many of the trucking lines operating in Ohio had a terminal in Dayton.

The first terminal to show is of a multi-tenant type that was popular at that time. This one was located at 1630 East 1st Street. Among the companies utilizing this terminal were A&S Transfer Co, Ace Trucking Service, Akron-Chicago Transportation. Burnside Motor Freight Lines, Middle Atlantic Transportation and Yankee Lines.

Next we have the Eastern Motor Dispatch, Inc terminal at 417 San Jose Street in Dayton. It appears to still being used as a trucking terminal as seen on Bing Maps.

There is a block of Stanley Avenue that was developed years ago with several identical truck terminals. The majority of the buildings had one company using the building. The addresses of the companies were:

  • 1747- Carolina Motor Express Lines
  • 1759- Foster Freight Lines and Hayes Freight Lines
  • 1763-Eastern Motor Express
  • 1765-Continental Transportation Lines
  • 1768-Security Cartage Company
  • 1771-Helms New York & Pittsburgh Motor Express

A year later, in 1952, Transamerican Freight Lines moved to a new terminal in Dayton. Moving from 944 East Monument Avenue to 2345 Timber Lane, the company placed a large display advertisement in the newspaper about the new terminal. There is not an aerial view of the Monument Avenue facility as is was torn down and the land redeveloped. Here is the ad:


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