Something important to be read…

Today I learned of an important historical trucking website is going away. Hanks Truck Pictures has been taken down and I will miss all of the Truck photos that were on the site. A lot of work went into managing the website and from all the contributors who posted their collections of vintage trucking company fleets.

All of the photos contained a watermark representing the ownership of each photo and the photos were owned via copyright laws. Each collection on its page contained a statement that the photos could not be downloaded or copied without permission from the owner of the photo. Although every photo could be found on Google or Pinterest, the ownership remained with the original contributor on Hanks website. Google is just a search engine. It does not own anything found on the site.

All articles found on this blog can be found on Google also, but I maintain ownership of this blog through this website. I am Ed Craddock and also post under the name iwahstore. I provide the information found here at no charge solely for the enjoyment of my readers. That does not constitute permission to post articles or photos found here to any other website unless permission has been granted.

I spend my own money to purchase reference materials used to provide my readers with information concerning the history of trucking companies. Enjoy what you learn here but do not repost somewhere else unless I give permission to do so. I do not charge a monthly fee to visit my site. Don’t cause me to rethink that.

By the way, the route maps that are seen on this site have been sent for use here. I have asked permission to use them here and have been told that I can use them. Usually under the contributed item I will give credit to whoever allowed me to use it. That’s the way it should be done and it’s called common courtesy. Let’s do more of that as courtesy is becoming a past thing.

Thanks for letting me vent and I hope my readers will continue to enjoy my blog!

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