Trucking In Erie, PA-Part Four (1960)o

 This would have been the terminal shared by Wilson Freight Forwarding and Tarbet Trucking Company in 1960. Within a year Tarbet was acquired by All States Freight and Wilson moved elsewhere. The blue office addition would not have been there at the time and the dock doors were only only this side of the terminal, making it about a 10 door facility.

 Acme Fast Freight, Inc. 211 East 19th Street And 1901 German Street

Akron-Chicago Transportation Company, Inc. 1315 East 11th Street

Associated Transport, Inc. Roster of employees included Edward B Wetzel- dockman, Robert F Wheeler- driver, Francis I Willman- driver, Kenneth D Clover- driver, Merle E Colby- repairman, Alfred A DiBello- mechanic, Ralph W Donaldson- terminal manager, Richard E Donaldson- dockman,

CABY Transportation 1996 West 20th Street, employee roster included Frank Mlakar- General manager,

Continental Transportation Lines 1966 West 20th Street

Daniels Motor Freight William C Wheeler- terminal manager

Dixie-Ohio Express Company 2021 Buffalo Road

Erie-Pittsburgh Motor Express 325 East 18th Street Roster of employees included Donald A Young’s- driver, Pasquale T Filutze- driver, Walter N Lang- clerk,

Eagle Trucking Company office on Parade Street at northeast corner of East 16th Street and branch office at 1220 Sassafras Street, employee roster included Gerald E Westman- driver, James P Carroll- dockman, Leonard R Danowski- driver, Charles L Gardner- Driver, Eugene R Pifer- driver, Donald R Slater- driver,

Erie Trucking Company 1314 West 18th Street Roster Of employees included Walter Wigren- salesman, Jean E Will- office worker, Emory R Wolfe- driver, Arthur Cage- driver, Kenneth G Craig- driver, Esther Davis- clerk, Fredrick O Davis- driver, Wayne Dean- mechanic, Melvin Drake- driver,

Gateway Transportation Company 1315 East 11th Street

Inter-State Motor Freight System 324 East 19th Street employee roster included Leland G Wirtmer- clerk,

M V Irwin Moving & Storage employee roster included Francis B Wilson- warehouseman,

Irwin Transportation Company 1901 Myrtle

Lake Shore Motor Freight Company 239 East 22nd Street

Lyons Transportation Company General office at 1701 Parade Street and freight office at 2611 French Street Roster Of employees included Mrs Marilyn V Whitemer- stenographer, Clair L Wilson- Driver, Mrs Elizabeth J Yates- telephone operator, Elmer S Zookeeper- Vice President and Treasurer, Elmer S Carlson- yardman, Hjahmar Carlson- driver, John M Cochran- President, Mrs Lucille M Covey- keypunch operator, Mrs Alberta DeDionisio- keypunch operator, Donald D DeWolf- laborer, Wilbur Dubbs- dock worker, William H Dudley- city man,

Rapid Transit Company William F Carr- Driver, Robert P Cooper- driver, Frank J Guzowski- driver, Lynn O Hunt- driver, Donald C Kreider- driver, Rex S Landon- foreman, Elton A Offenberg- driver, Viana Stewart- office secretary, Edward E Sweigart- driver

Roadway Express, Inc. 602 East 25th Street

Trans-American Freight Lines, Inc. 1556 West 12th Street employee roster included Charles Whitney- mechanic,

Truesdell Trucking Harry C Figurski- dispatcher, Donald M Ford- driver, John Maxumczyk- driver,

Western Express Company 1405 Oarade Street, William F Filipowski- city dispatcher, Arthur R Hull- dockman, James D Konash- driver, Ignatius V Schultz- broker, Clark C Stephenson- driver, Daniel H Williams- manager



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