Trucking In Erie, PA- Part One (1934)

Trucking Companies with Facilities In Erie in 1934, along with the employees that worked at the companies and their position:

A & B Fast Freight- 1925 Holland- William C Hoffman-district representative,

Bigelow Motor Freight Company-1220 Sassafras: ES Manchester- manager,

Erie Motor Transport Co. -18 East 18th: James E Keller, Jacob P Simon,

Lyons Transportation Company- 315-319 East 1875: Edward Brewer- driver, Bartholomew Crowley- driver, Frederick O Davis- foreman, Charles Dietrich- driver, Guy Ditcher- driver, Joseph Doyle- driver, Russell W Eades- solicitor, William L Gifford- clerk, Harry Greenman- driver, William J Hare- mechanic, Elmer C Hill- driver, John J Kuhn- driver, Lloyd Sprague- warehouseman,

Lake Shore Motor Freight Company- 239 East 22nd: Joseph F O’Malley- manager

M. Moran Transportation Lines, Inc.- 1220 Sassafras: Murl Ball- driver, Merle E Colby- office manager, Fred Coleman- driver, Ralph Conn- driver, Mark Herman- driver, Charles G Kinzig- clerk, Frank Thompson- driver,

Motor Express Inc.- 1220 Sassafras: Everett Holliday- driver, Joseph J Kelly- driver, Justin J Klemny- driver,

Rapid Transit Company- 1220 Sassafras: Frank Carrick- driver, Earl B Glover- manager, Mrs Claire Kline- bookkeeper, Edward Sweigart- driver,

Scott Transportation Company- 325 West Front: Ralph M Aldrich- driver, Harry W Anderson- driver, Stanley Andrychowski- driver, Zigmond Andrychowski- driver, Paul E Bock- driver, John Freeman- electrician, Charles L Heisler- driver, Martin Jensen- wood worker, Arthur B Koen- terminal manager, Anthony T Marshall- foreman

Universal Carloading & Distributing Company- 1408 Sassafras: Charles Baier-clerk, James J Carroll Jr- trucker, Chester M DeCoursey- chief clerk, Darold H Thomas- foreman,

Looking at the above list of terminal facilities, we see that several carriers shared a terminal at 1220 Sassafras Street. This was a common practice at that time. Since many of the trucking companies in the 1930’s were small, they would share a medium sized terminal and each city might have one or two such terminals.

The above list was for Freight Transportation listings in the Erie city directory. There were dozens more people involved in what was called Trucking And Teaming. Teaming was an old term that referrred to the practice of horses pulling a wagon that hauled freight before the use of motorized trucks. I don’t know if horses were still being used as late as 1934 but the name was still around. The majority of those listed in Erie under Teaming were individuals, except for Hardinger Transfer Company and N M Hallenbeck Moving & Storage Company. It isn’t known if the individuals owned one truck or more, or if they may had been owner-operators doing the driving for any of the established trucking companies in Erie.

Before providing a list of all those who were employed by the trucking companies, it may be beneficial to take a look at the industrial side of Erie to see how important the trucking industry would have been in 1934. Erie was home to a massive installation of plants for General Electric Company. Stretching for a mile along Lake Road, these plants made electrical components, appliances and railroad locomotives. Nearby was the mill for Hammermill Paper Company. Erie was also known for the manufacturing of metal toys for Louis Marx Toy Company.

Here is the list of those who were under the Trucking And Teaming classified section:

Thomas L Akerly-845 East 38th Street, Herbert B Anderson- 704 East 5th,  Ray Anderson- 245 West 29th, William J Andrae- 2208 Holland, Frank F Aylsworth- 220 West 16th, Mrs Elizabeth Beemus- 1018 Parade Street, William Blackford- 2215 East 18th, Frank Brown- 2920 French Street, Norman A Butt- 3928 South Street Wesleyville, PA, Harry W Caldwell- 2230 Kilpatrick Avenue, James Cavanuagh- 2118 Prospect Avenue, Aura L Converts- 918 Parade, Nicholas De Fonsey- 2223 East 18th, Leo Deptula – 306 Parade, Joseph C Diemer- 1827 Buffalo Road, Clement DiPlacido- 414 West 17th, John T Drew- 446 West 2nd, Benjamin F Fields- 2208 Raspberry, Gerald J Fischer- rear 420 West 12th, Alf H Garnow- 1340 Morse Avenue, John Gratz- 1226 West 18th, Charles A Gravelin- 429 West 11th, Ernest L. Greeley- 2315 Chestnut, Hardinger Transfer Co.- 1307 Peach Street, Richard M Hatch- 840 Rankin Avenue Lawrence Park, PA, Gus Hayes- 953 West 5th Street, Harold Henneous- 618 West 4th Street, Acel T Hills-Charles near Crowell in Kearsage, PA, NM Hollenbeck Moving & Storage Company- 2405 Brandes, John E Hornaman- 310 West 21st, Napolean Horton- 318 Reed, Arthur Johnson-422 East 18th, Clark L Johnson-2414 East Avenue, James M Johnson-315 East 29th, Glenn J Kern- 127 East 25th, Albert G Kiefer-2909 Pine Avenue, Kenneth F Levers- 422 East 10th, Elmer Lindberg- 3212 Elmwood Avenue, Albert M Lydich- 959 East 28th, Walter F Moore- corner W Ridge and Asbury Roads (Westminster PA), Arthur M Moss- 928 East 8th, Karl Obert- 2426 Cranberry, Morris Olgin- 2219 Wallace, Alois T Pikiewicz- 2424 Holland, Charles Rhodes-1113 Holland, Bernard Rice-217 E 22nd, William J Rice- 217 E 22nd, Rundell The Mover-106 W18th, Benjamin F Rust- 2036 1/2 Station Rd (Wesleyville, Pa), Fred P Sanders-1150 W 23rd, Ralph E Schaffner- 2222 Jackson Place (Wesleyville, PA), Kenneth Scott- 1055 W 10th, William H Seely-1307 Morse Av, William H Smith- 729 E 18th, Stewart Snyder- 1349 W 9th, Arthur C Slough- 659 W 17th, Edgar W Stratton- 1102 Parade St, Arthur F Straub- 409 Poplar, Charles P Straub- 713 W 3rd, Anthony Suprynowicz- 1114 E 26th, Floyd Swartwood- 1114 E 26th, Daniel F Tibbs- 2217 E16th, George V Vogt- 1033 East 29th, Lockwood E Wallace- 218 East 7th, Lemuel G Wheeler- 431 Poplar Street, Carmen C Yezzi- 1206 East 28th, Michael Zysk- 1021 East 9th


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