Odd And Ends Number 2

November 1918- Master Truck Transportation was providing daily service between Dayton and Springfield, Ohio

December 11, 1937-Bates Motor Transport Lines became affiliated with American Transportation Company of Chicago, Illinois. Bates had been bankrupt  and operated under trusteeship since October 23. American, whose president is Harry F. Chaddick, operates 4 very successful trucking companies, which are: The Commercial Freight Lines, Inc Denver-Chicago Trucking Company, Hennepin Transportation Co. Inc. and Standard Freight Lines, Inc.

In May 1958 Becroft Motor Express, Inc. was sold to Kain’s Motor Service Co. of Logansport, Indiana. Kain’s has route between Chicago, Logansport and numerous points in north-central Indiana. Becroft was based in Kokomo, Indiana and operated between Peru, Kokomo, Tipton and Indianapolis.

November 1964- Commercial Motor Freight, Inc of Indiana is constructing a 32 door terminal in Dayton, Ohio at the corner of Kuntz and Jergens Roads. Presently at 1440 Stanley Avenue. Commercial has terminals in Indiana and the Ohio cities of Springfield, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and also in Louisville, Kentucky.

By May 1965 Navajo Freight Lines was one of three coast to coast carriers. Consolidated Freightways did not go nationwide until it acquired Motor Cargo and Liberty Motor Freight Lines.

May 1972- Indianhead Truck Line, Inc. has entered into an agreement to purchase Dundee Truck Line of Toledo, Ohio. Indianhead previously agreed to buy C.H. Rumpf & Sons Truck Line, Inc. of Adrian Michigan and Modern Motor Express, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio.

Briggs Transportation Company got ICC approval in March 1973 to acquire North Eastern Motor Freight operating authority between Sidney, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado.

Akron-Kansas City Motor Freight Lines was another short-lived trucking company that grew so fast that it couldn’t handle the growth and went into bankruptcy. In early 1932 it was based in St. Louis, MO and operated from Oklahoma City, OK to Akron, OH and from Minneapolis, MN to Memphis, TN. In May if the same year space was leased in Indianapolis, Indiana at Kentucky Avenue at 1231 West Morris Street and 510 South Third Street in St. Louis, Missouri. As early as December of 1932 financial problems were such that creditors wanted the company declared bankrupt. William C Grulbert, owner of the company, finally relented in September 1933 and filed bankruptcy. He claimed his fleet of trucks numbered 275 units.

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      Ed Craddock


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