Odds And Ends Trivia Number 1

On November 30, 1956 Consolidated Freightways asked the ICC for permission to acquire Bell Lines, Inc. of Charleston, West Virginia. CF had targeted several companies in the 1950’s to acquire in an effort to establish a coast to coast system. The ICC turned down the request, but in 1970 Bell Lines was acquired by Smith’s Transfer Corporation Of Staunton, Virginia.

In 1940 Transportation Company Of New York presented a plan to merge over 20 companies together to form one massive freight carrier in the East. Although denied in 1940, a few of the original companies from the first idea were actually used to form Associated Transport.

Harold D. Doyle was so one time President of PIE-Nationwide in Jacksonville, Florida. He founded Doyle Freight Lines in Saginaw, Michigan which in 1960 merged with Blair Transit to form Great Lakes Express. Great Lakes was bought out by Branch Motor Express within 10 years.

In July of 1937 O.I. Shannon, who for the last five years was traffic manager for Missouri Motor Distributing Corporation, has resigned to become branch manager for Brashear Motor Freight Lines. In 1946 Brashear was acquired by Yellow Transit Freight Lines. Yellow kept the operating rights of Brashear from St, Louis to Indianapolis and sold the rest to what would become Middlewest Freightways.


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