Companies You Never Heard Of: Williams Transportation Company

There was once a fast growing yet small trucking company that existed before Interstate Commerce Commission regulation. Founded in the late 1920’s it expanded by being granted operating authority in southern states by the public service commissions in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Like many others the company struggled with rate cutting ordered by the state authorities and could not survive. A receiver was appointed to run the company and manage a bankruptcy sale. The end came just months before the ICC began accepting applications for routes under the “grandfather clause” which might have saved the firm. This is the timeline for Williams Transportation Company.

In October 1929 a route was sought between the Georgia cities of Atlanta, Lawrenceville and Gainesville.

A year later in October 1930 the company sought additional routes, this time between Atlanta, Georgia and Murphy, North Carolina via Gainesville, Cleveland, Blairsville, Young, Harris and Hiawassee.

During 1931 Williams began leasing a terminal in Atlanta at 361 Nelson Street and sought approval for routes between Murphy, NC and Greenville, SC.

More routes were added in 1932 to serve Decatur, Covington, Madison, Union Point and Warrenton.

In March 1935 the company was declared insolvent. By this time Williams is operating between Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Gainesville and points in North and South Carolina.

Bankruptcy sale was held in May 1935, seven trucks with stake and van bodies were sold. Model years for the trucks ranged from 1929 Whites to 1934 Internationals.


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