Trucking Employees In Indianapolis In 1941

Most of the city directories I get information from are more detailed than the one I used for Indianapolis, Indiana. Many of the residents whom worked in the trucking industry were only listed by thie occupation and not of the employer. As such, residents with occupations listed as driver, dockman or clerks could not be listed by the individual trucking companies. this list contain the few that could be assigned to their employers and were listed as shown in the directory.

Ace Trucking Company, Inc. 521 South Delaware Street

Mrs. Ellen A Kiesle-secretary and treasurer, Robert E Kiesle-clerk, Mary M Kiesle-vice president, William J Kiesle-president

Adkins Transfer Company 1315 Chocolate Street at West Morris Street

Mrs Correne M Braughnan-bookkeeper, Cecil Harper-clerk, Mrs Emma L Hutheson-stenographer

Allied Motor Express Company 315 South Alabama Street

John W Ford-mamager

Acme Fast Freight, Inc. 445 North Pennsylvania Street

Edward G Beck-clerk, Cyril R Boak-general agent, Fred E Hugill-sales manager, Virgil Akers-clerk, Frank R Edward-clerk, F Robert Edwards-clerk, William Murphy-freight handler, Rex W Thomas-commercial agent

American Transportation 330 West New York Street and 565 West 15th Street

Howard E Bishop-manager

Anderson Motor Service Company 350 West 14th Street

William O McGaughey-manager, Lucille Hummel-stenographer, William J Healy-traffic representative, Clestine J Wine-traffic representative

BB & I Motor Freight, Inc. 630 South Capitol Avenue

A W Cobb-agent, Howard Chastain-clerk,

Bates Motor Transportation Lines, Inc. 430 South Kentucky Avenue

William H Fisher-manager, Charles Ward-clerk,

Becraft Motor Express 401 West South Street

Dan E Frey-agent, Chester Blessing-driver,

Bivin Transfer Company 1116 Central Avenue

Paul B Keller-manager, Carl Bingham-estimator

Borman Transfer Company 3534 East 10th Street

Hosea H Holder-driver, Bradley Holman-driver, John Weaver-driver, Leonard L Wildrick-driver

Bowser Truck Lines & Terminal 618 West Merrill Street

Wallace E Bowser-managert

Brashear Motor Freight Lines 401 West South Street

C & D Motor Delivery 401 West South Street

William A McAleer-manager, Nolan K Ramsey-solicitor

CEI & I Express 430 Kentucky Avenue

Carolina Motor Express Lines 561 West 15th Street

John Boyd-cler, Eldred A Lee-operations manager, Harris W Lee-manager, Vern W Lee-owner and president, Inez Lloyd-clerk, William C Mellender-traffic office, Charles E Montgomery-clerk, Virgil H Schwartz-freight agent, Clyde H VanMeter-foreman, Mildred Rosechaupt-stenographer

Central Transfer & Storage Company 219 West South Street

Ralph Shinkle- Vice President, Genevieve Bullock- stenographer, Haskell E Enron- driver, Ellis Spanmire- foreman, Norman Williams- driver, Rollin Taylor- clerk

Central Truckaway System, Inc. 1225 E Washington St

Louis W Mohlenkamp- President, Harold G Lambert- Secretary, MG Mohlenkamp- treasurer, Jacob L Crist- dispatcher, Mrs Mary Grant- bookkeeper, Virgil A Jones- driver, Louis E Lysie- dispatcher, Mrs Helen Neale- stenographer, Mrs Betty Scher- stenographer 

Clemans Truck Lines, Inc. 420 West Merrill Street

Claude Baldridge- clerk, Edgar Harrison- assistant manager, Harold A Love- foreman, Arnold E McKinney- manager, Reed Mills-driver, Wilma E Musgrave- office manager

Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati Highway, Inc. 1400 Madison Street

James H Carson- clerk, Ralph M Heflin-dispatcher

Cloverleaf Freight Lines 401 West South Street

Elbert O Smith- agent

Columbia Terminals Company, Inc. 653 East 19th Street

Edward L Pierpoint Jr- mechanic, Harold A McKnight- driver, Glenn C White- driver, Floyd West- driver, John C Bauer- driver, Armand T Marshall- driver, Thomas R Lloyd- driver, William W Lookabill- driver, Dewey H Roberts Jr- driver, Charles W Hash- driver,

Haeckl’s Express inc 942-946 Daly

W D Kibler Trucking Co. 60 South State Av

Marvin Brummett- mechanic, Harold Calvin- superintendent, Troy Coakley- driver, Gerald S Decius- superintendent, Edward W Huddleston- driver, Madison Kepnar- driver, John G Quinn- Secretary and Treasurer, W Daniel Kibler- assistant manager, Raymond Linzie- driver, Oscar Manship- driver, Elsie Mitchell- driver, Frederick Mosbaugh- driver, Raymond Orenbaugh- mechanic, James R Patterson- driver, Robert Patton- driver, Earl Pollard- driver, Mildred Quinn- Vice President

McDaniel Freight Line

Charles W Huffman- foreman,

Merchants Dispatch Transportation Company 105 S Meridian St

Harry W Dorsey- clerk,

Michigan Motor Freight Lines, Inc. 336 West McCarty Street

Paul Howard- manager,

E E Mills Trucking Co. 1430 Madison Avenue

Walter B Hayden- manager,

Monarch Motor Freight System 301 South Alabama Street

Douglas Drury- dispatcher, James E King- manager, F Perry Kiser- office manager, Carl White- dockman,

Moran Trucking Co. 1027 East Georgia

Fred W Kriemer- dispatcher, Rozer McPherson- driver, Donald E Moran- President, William E Moran- secretary and treasurer, Lynn L Roberts- driver,

Morgantown-Indianapolis Freight Lines 603 Kentucky Ave

Motor Distributing Co. 630 S Capitol Av

Motor Express, Inc. of Indiana 620 S Senate St

Motor Freight Corporation 601 Kentucky

Lawrence E Berry- manager, Samuel T Crofts Jr- commercial agent,

National Carloading

Gene J Dockter- office manager, Frank L Hicks- manager, Harold H Hines- clerk, Robert V Kinney-superintendent, Mary J Simons- clerk, Harold J Zimmerman – clerk, Mrs Edith J Hoover- stenographer,

National Transit Corp 333 West Ohio

Nairn Bittlemeyer- bookkeeper, John T McCoy- manager,

Niman Transfer & Storage Company

Charles W Bivens- Vice President, Earl Gillum- salesman, Clifford T Marth- rigger, Jack W Shipp- foreman, Oaul E Hailway- Secretary,

Overland Freight Lines, Inc. 1118 West Morris

Edith M Barton- secretary and treasurer,

Overland Package Freight Service, Inc. 301 S Delaware

Pennsylvania Truck Lines, Inc. 430 Kentucky Ave

William M Burrows- clerk,

F R Perkins Trucking Co. 419 West Merrill

Homer Bennett- driver, Russell T Davis- dockman, Iva Foster- bookkeeper,

Piew Truck Lines 630 S Capitol

Prestel Bros. Transfer Co. 1430 Madison Av

R & D Motor Express 601 Kentucky

Naomi M Hendrix- manager,

Rosner Transfer & Storage

Harry F Burke- Vice President, Mrs Bertha Reinitz- President, Henry Renitz- Secretary and Treasurer, Burke’s Hagerman- assistant manager,

Southern Transportation Co.

Harry Bunk- solicitor,

Strohm Warehouse & Carting Co. 230 West McCarty

Elmer B Daugherty- foreman, George Morton- driver, Daniel A Stark- helper, Jane Stark- driver, Ira C Strohm- President and Manager, Burnett A Strohm- Secretary and Treasurer,

Suburban Motor Freight

William M Holland- manager,

United Trucking Service

Donald W Bjurstrom- manager,

Universal Carloading & Distributing

Daniel J Boatman- checker, Edward W Carle- foreman, Homer W Cummings-manager, Richard H Conger- clerk, Milton V Jackson- office manager, Samuel G Lay- laborer, Virgil R Preston- clerk, Lawrence Robinson- checker, Harry A Rockwood- commercial agent, Lloyd W Whitaker- checker,

Underwood Transfer Company 717-719 Virginia Av

Marshall O Bonar- foreman, Thomas F Morris- driver, Donald A Underwood- President,  Edward J Underwood- Vice President, Elizabeth A Underwood- Secretary and Treasurer,

Ziffrin Truck Lines

Leonard W Duncan- clerk, Lloyd J Stillwell- driver, Samuel E Ziffrin- President and manager, Louis H Ziffrin- Vice President, Mrs Ester Ziffrin- Secretary and Treasurer,


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