Companies You Never Heard Of: Craun Transportation Company

Craun Transportation was based in the little town of Bettsville, Ohio which is close to Tiffin, Fremont, Fostoria and Toledo. Bettsville at the time had only about 1,000 residents and most worked for Basic, Inc. which made furnace linings used in making steel. In 1960 Basic had a research plant outside of town and its largest plant was three miles away. Between the two facilities, Basic employed 632 people. Another employer in Bettsville was Craun Transportation.

Craun was incorporated in 1948, and in 1956 the company was a contract carrier hauling for the following companies: Gibsonburg Lime Products Company, Woodville Lime Products Company, Standard Lime and Concrete Company, U.S. Gypsum Company and National Gypsum Company.

In 1959, Craun trucks traveled 1,518,000 miles in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Kentucky. The same year Craun transported 143,000 tons of freight.

In 1976 nearby Fostoria was home to six Craun drivers, including Doyle A Baker, James M Drake, Charles F King, Daniel K Rankin, Lowell R Souder, and Thomas E Vitt.

Francis W. Craun, who founded the company, died at age 89 in 1983. Le Roy Craun, who served as company secretary and treasurer, died at age 85 in 2006. Chester E. Craun, who retired as mechanic and garage supervisor, died in 2013 at age 82.


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