Companies You Never Heard Of: St. Louis-Nashville Freight Lines, Inc.

Our latest installment of our series in trucking companies you haver heard of before includes an unknown carrier that grew quickly in the 1950’s and then gobbled up in a merger. The company presented today is St. Louis-Nashville Freight Lines, Inc. which was based in St. Louis, Missouri.The earliest mention of the company came in August 1950 when B. V. Davis and Joe Folladari purchased an interest in the firm. A few months later a terminal was opened in Nashville, Tennessee at 523 Franklin Street.

In 1952 the company opened two terminals, one in St. Louis at 1120 Branch Street and a larger 20 door terminal in Nashville at 85 Trimble Street. In 1954 the St Louis terminal was moved to 1313 North 13th Street and later the carrier announce new direct service was begun between Chicago, Evansville and Nashville.

The growth was noticed by another carrier who in February 1956 agreed to buy the company for $400,000. Super Service, Inc. was the carrier that purchased St. Louis-Nashville Freight Lines, inc. But as no surprise in following decade of big trucking company mergers, T.I.M.E Freight, Inc acquired Super Service in June 1963 and later would become part of TIME-DC!



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