Trucking Employees in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1976

Not a complete list of all employees who worked for the trucking companies but as much as could be compiled from the 1976 city directory as possible. Some of those lister could have lived in Council Bluffs but worked in nearby cities with trucking terminals such as Omaha, Nebraska. The list can be a handy research tool to see which common carriers were in the area at the time, and the number of employyes listed can be an indication as to the size of the local terminal operated.


Donald A Ackerman- dock worker, Robert K Blackmon- driver, Verlow P King- driver, James Rethmeier- driver,

Aetna Freight Lines, Inc 3125 South 11th Street

Walter Crawford- manager, Mrs Mary Dolnik- clerk,

All American Transportation 

Gentry S Cannon- driver, Lyle E Chambers- driver, Thomas M Grosse- driver, Clyde M Mortenson- driver, Lawrence B Redding- driver,

American Transport

Buddy L Harris- driver,

Anderson Trucking Service 3540 14th Avenue

Clifford D Anderson-driver, Donald D Anderson-driver,

Barber Transportation 3220 Nebraska Avenue

John D Mathison-terminal manager, David M Hall-driver, Robert J Hines-driver, Timothy J Johnson-driver, Michael L McDonald-driver,

Bee Line Transportation

Ralph W Bradley-driver, Paul E Clark-dock worker, Bernard E Johnson-driver, Dal H Covey- driver,

Berger Transportation

Dennis Hockabout- terminal manager

Briggs Transportation

Richard S Badgett-driver, Galen L Brandon-dock worker, Tomothy J Brown-driver, William J Bruno-driver, Elton L Dungan-driver, Randall L Evans-driver, Roger B Fox-driver, Eugene H Holly-dock worker, Fay Hunt-employee, Raymond L Hutchinson-driver, Charles L Lewis-driver, Earl A Lewis-driver, Harold R Mass-mechanic, Donald D Petry-driver,

Burlington Northern Transport

Leroy E Adkins- driver, Robert L Bishop- dockman, Harry P Biege- driver, James A Dreiser- driver, John Kastner- driver, William A Kennedy- dockman, Harvey E Ramsey- driver,

Chip Carriers possibly the trucking operation for Frito-Lay

Mrs Helen Ackerson- office manager, Lorman Adair- driver, Paul T Adams- driver, Thomas M Aquino- driver, Vernon Baker- driver, John J Bickrell- driver, Donald Christensen- driver, Laura J Christensen- office clerk, Ronald Crabtree- driver, Keith Criw- driver, Orville Cunningham- driver, Lois A Curry- office clerk, Melvin M Dodds- driver, Jerry Haynes- driver, Edward J Jensen- terminal manager and dispatcher, Frank Johnston- driver, Ray Kaufman- driver, Michael J Kelley- driver, Kenneth Kirkland- driver, Donald Kyle-driver, Lee Lane- driver, Carl Langley- driver, Raymond Madison- driver, Otis May- driver, Charles Menld-driver, Cynthia Morse-office clerk, Dale W Murphy- driver, James Noble- driver, Howard W Reed- driver, Ronald Reeves- driver, Everett Rice- driver, Bobbie Robb-driver, Delmer D Robb-driver, Leroy J Sack- driver,

Clark Brothers Transfer

Clinton H Holley-driver,

Consolidated Motor Freight

John A Hollinger-driver,

Cotton Transfer

Harry E Burroughs- driver,

Crawford Trucking

George W Blackman-driver,

Crouch Brothers

Terry V Bloom-driver, Charles A Devereaux-driver, Gary W Eifini-driver, Alfred N Kinzie-driver, Howard K Kirk-driver,

Denver-Midwest Premier Trucking Service

Dennis D Carlson- driver, Frank A Holts-Driver,

Dilts Freight Lines

Duane R Dilts- driver, Susan Dilts-office worker,

Graves Truck Line

Joseph L Daub- driver, Larry J Harris- driver,

Herman Brothers

Harry L Anderson-driver, James E Cullison-driver, Adrian J Delf-driver, Jett L Kelley-driver, Richard D Lynn-driver, Hugh S Major-executive, John C Meyers-driver,

Hilt Truck Line, Inc. 1415 S 35th Street

Donald Anderson Jr-driver, David A Bonar-driver, Richard G Bonar-driver, Richard L Farrell-driver, LeRoy Hilt-president, John M Hunt-mechanic, Robert N Jones-driver, Bill Moncrief-driver,

Hirschbach Motor Lines

E Ford Edge- driver,

Holmes Freight Lines

Frank D Fischer- driver,

Holt Transport

Jerold J Harrod- driver,

Hunt Transportation

Christopher J Hoeppner- driver

Interstate Motor Freight

Eugene E Clark- driver, Lynn E Denton- driver, Willard R Field- driver, John W Moran- driver, Charles D Patterson- mechanic, Gerald W Danburg- dock worker,

Jacobson Transfer

Jack L Bruno- driver,

Little Audrey’s

Jimmie E Alleson-driver,

Michigan- Nebraska Transit Company

Irvin J chessareck-

Midwest Emery

Fred Heywood- terminal manager

Midwest Transportation 2802 Avenue B

Robert Alexander-driver, Edward P Beason-driver, Ralph O Benjamin-driver, Gary Carmen-driver, Frank Chullino-president, Mark Chullino-dispatcher, Terry M Chullino-dispatcher, Roy D Clark-employee, Lynn Daniel-driver, Raymond A Huckeby-driver, Gerald E Hulbert-driver, John T Krider-driver, Dick Metteer-mechanic, Dale L Palmer-driver, Ervin R Reiff-driver, Frank E Roarch-driver, David E Hanson- traffic manager

Milwaukee Motor Transportation

Connie L Barker-driver, Paul L Benson-driver, Donovan C Grap-*driver, Thomas W Grosse-driver, Rex S Hammond-terminal manager, Walton B Kelly-driver, Ralph J Kramer-driver, Waymond Nordstom-driver,

Motor Freight Corporation (Branch Motor Express Company)

Donald E Clark, Jr- driver, Edward J Loose- mechanic, Robert W Fernau- driver,

Navajo Freight Lines

Gary D Ahearns- driver,

Nebraska- Iowa Express 3219 Nebraska Avenue

George E Bugge- driver, Richard L Carlin- driver, Rodney C Halford-Driver, Clifford F Humes- mechanic, Floyd L Lane- driver, Erwin J Kruse- driver, Bert C Nielsen Jr- driver, Diane J Ostdiek- file clerk, Hurst A Pikschus- mechanic, Clem N Petty- driver, Michael Reisz- driver,

Night Owl Transfer

Loren S Bauman-driver,

Ollie Transportation

Dockworkers- Carl K Hammers

PIE Pacific Intermountain Express

Harry L Bothwell-freight handler, Harold F Brittain-mechanic, Edward J Brock-dock worker, Harry L Cates-driver, William G Clements-driver, Wendell C Cross-dockman, Gerald D Fauble-shop worker, George R Fleming-driver, Clifton H Holly-laborer, George H Jacobs-dock worker, Robert M Kelley-maintenance man, Marvin K Madden-dock worker, Charlie F McCoy-driver, Severin N Michalski-dock worker, Jerald J Moore-dock worker, Darrell D Martin-mechanic, Arthur S Price-dock worker, Wayne Reed-mechanic, Rocky Rubink-dock worker,

Ringsby United Freight Lines 

Gordon K Brockman- dispatcher, George Kibert Jr- driver,

Riss International

Patrick S Hollsen-driver,

Safeway Truck Lines

Fred Gach- Vice President

Sam Tanksley Trucking 927 32nd Avenue

Harold C Baumlor-terminal manager, Floyd Rose-mechanic,

Sioux Transportation

Marven Borden-driver, Andrew Borntrager-dock supervisor, Jessie P Cline-driver, Donald E Hansman-driver, Robert D Lewis-driver, John L McCreary-driver, Willard D Morrison-driver,

Silvey Refrigerated Truck Lines 

Tommy M Bussey- driver,

Transamerican Freight Lines

Ronald A Arrowsmith-driver, Richard B McKinney-dispatcher, Vernon R Morehouse-driver, Joseph S Caruso- driver,

Transcon Lines

George R Abrams- mechanic, Dan M Anderson- mechanic, Charles E Chapman- driver, James M Clark- driver, Marlowe E Doner- mechanic, Fred D Droesler- driver, Ivan J Eicker- driver, Ronnie E Evans- driver, John P Faris- mechanic, Marvin L Fay- driver, Eugene A Frieze- driver, Ron G Gibson- driver, Richard E Greer- driver, Darrell M Hanson- driver, Charles M Hills- driver, Russell N Holmes- driver, Milo Kacin- driver, John Kibat- employee, Russell D Lawrence- driver, James W McDaniel- mechanic, Rull L McDonough- mechanic, Vernon Osborne- driver, Everett L Paris- driver, Kendall R Pierson- driver, Richard D Powers- driver, Kenneth G Rageth- driver, Terry L Rhoda’s- driver,

Union Pacific Motor Freight

Paul Hathaway Jr- driver,

Warren Transport

Manager- Wesley Heesch

Drivers- Jerry Gundlach, John M harrell Jr,

Werner Enterprises 805 32nd Avenue

Henry A Albrecht- driver, Vickie Bazemore- bookkeeper, Herbert Bandlow- Service man, Cecil J Curry- driver, Sharon Curry- office secretary, Sharon E Fous- bookkeeper, Homer L Max- traffic manager, Donald E Meyers- service man, Robert L Mowery- employee, Claude C Payton- driver,

Wheeler Transportation

Donald L Cozad-driver,

Wynne Transport

Douglas J Clayton- driver, Raymond E Daughtery- driver, John H Farber- driver,Steven E Hanson-accountant

Yellow Transit Freight Lines

John D Childers- driver,

Young & Hay Transportation

William D Haven- driver,

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