Early History of U.S.Truck Company, Inc.


The company was established in 1920 and by the end of 1935 operated 200 pieces of equipment, including 48 new trucks recently added to the fleet.

Also in 1935 service started on a route between Detroit and Muskegon, Michigan.

In 1837 U.S. covered over 4.7 million highway miles and handled 348,750 tons of freight.

In May 1941 extended service to Michigan areas of Saginaw and Bay City.

Added 49 new trailers to the 550 trailer fleet in February 1950, and in January 1955 added 125 additional units to the fleet.

Typical equipment owned and operated by U.S.Truck Company in 1935.
Map of routes in 1939.

4 thoughts on “Early History of U.S.Truck Company, Inc.

      1. I know pretty much the history from start to finish. For Shippers Dispatch. Many in this local area of Shippers is very secretive, including family of the founding men.
        When Shippers went public back in the early 60’s, did the Corporate officers still keep control?
        All the terminals for Shippers Dispatch was in a different Corporation name. I know that, but who owned that corporation?
        Was Homer FItterling actual part owner of Shippers Dispatch after selling his trucking company to Shippers?


  1. “In 1837 U.S. covered over 4.7 million highway miles and handled 348,750 tons of freight.”

    Did you mean 1937 here?

    This is a cool page! I found it after seeing one of their old truck beds at a storage site in Ithaca.


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