Trucking Companies Serving El Paso, Texas in 1954

  • Alabama Freight Lines, Inc
  • Alamo Motor Lines
  • Big Bend Motor Freight Lines
  • Border Truck Lines
  • Braswell Motor Freight Lines
  • Brem Motor Express
  • C.B. Truck Lines
  • El Paso- Pecos Valley Truck Lines
  • Gillette Motor Transport
  • H. K. Truck Line
  • Hill Lines, Inc.
  • Merchants Fast Motor Lines
  • Pacific Motor Trucking Company
  • Santa Fe Trail Transportation
  • Silver Freight Line
  • Southern Express, Inc
  • Southern Pacific Transport Co.
  • Sunset Motor Lines
  • T.I.M.E. Freight Service
  • Texas-Arizona Motor Freight Express
  • Western Truck Lines
  • Whitfield Transportation
  • Woody’s Truck Line

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