History of Interstate Motor Freight System- Part 2

From the 1963 Council Bluffs, Iowa city directory we found the following Interstate employees that worked across the river at the Omaha, Nebraska terminal:

  • Robert W Ahart, driver
  • Eugene E Clark, driver
  • Russell J Clark, dispatcher
  • Dallas H Covey, driver
  • Gerald W Danberg, driver
  • Warren C Ellis, driver
  • Thomas J Egan, driver
  • Randall L Evans, driver
  • Willard R Field, driver
  • Billy G Foley, driver
  • Bernard L Heilig, driver
  • Franklin D Kay’s, driver
  • Bert L McClelland, driver
  • John W Moran, driver
  • Gerald L Mullin, driverGeorge L Reiner, driver

Interstate System has a relay station and maintenance shop in Norwalk, Ohio on Cleveland Road. This is a list of employees and their positions as compiled from a 1966 Norwalk City Directory:

  • Fleet Manager-Walter Rose
  • Mechanics- Adlai D Ames, Charles H Baker, James D Barnett, James S Devers, Doel L Ely, Robert R Jacobs, Robert F Jaworski, Bernard L Knadler, Cleone Morris, William H Oney, Alex A Schaeffer, Norbert E Simon, Carlton S Smith, Edward M Stoll, Carl E Sweet, John J Weinert,
  • Mechanic Helpers-Glen Bleirns, Paul Coy, Herbert R Dawson, Cloyce Fitch, James E Ladd, Gerald D Lykins, Ray E Marett, Donald Reddix, Victor Schaeffer, Marvin Wheeler
  • Trailer Superintendent- Clyde E White
  • Partsman- Ray P Wetzel
  • Leadmen- Paul H Bundschoh, David Garwood, Elmont Humphrey
  • Manager-Clinton J Hess
  • Clerks- Duane S DeYoung, Jacqueline Rose
  • Custodian- Herbert L Jacobs
  • Dispatchers- James F Glover, Lewis G Hill, Edgar A Hood
  • Drivers- Donald L Betz, David W Byrne, Joseph R Cothran, Ralph J Cousins, Clifford A Crisp, Lyndal R Ditty, Ben H Easterday, Ivan E Ellis, Forrest D Endsley, James W Fairfax, Clarence W Fogle, Richard E Fowler, Bob H Haney, Fleet Hatley, Gilbert G Hutchens, Thomas W Kerr, William E Kirk, Douglas R Lugtig, Terrance J Mahoney, Kenneth O Nutter, Charles L Odle, Charles J Rion, Calvin T Snyder, Carlos B Snyder, Ray S Stephen, Leo R Taylor Jr, William S Taylor, Jonas W Twichell, Robert L Weitlin, Terry R White, Donald M Woods

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