Truck Lines in Oklahoma City in 1957

  • Here is a list of all the trucking companies operating in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1957
    • Be-Mac Transport Company
      Best Motor Lines
      Bestway Freight Lines
      Bill Hunt Motor Lines
      Checker Transit Company
      Chief Freight Lines Company
      Choctaw Express Company
      Consolidated Forwarding Co. Inc.
      Day Truck Line
      Denver-Amarillo Express
      Edmund Motor Freight
      El Reno Transfer & Storage Co.
      Freight Ways, Inc.
      Fresco Transportation Co.
      Gillette Motor Transport, Inc.
      D.C.Hall Transport, Inc.
      Joe Hodges Transportation Co. Inc
      Houston & North Texas Motor Freight Lines
      Jones Truck Lines
      Keystone Freight Lines
      Lee Way Motor Freight
      Lindsay Truck Lines
      Luper Transportation Co.
      M & D Motor Freight Lines
      Missouri-Oklahoma Express
      OC&E Motor Freight Lines
      Riss & Company
      Roadway Express
      Rock Island Motor Transit Co,
      Santa Fe Trail Transportation Co.
      Shayler Truck Lines
      Sooner Freight Lines
      Southern Express Inc.
      Southwestern TIME Freight Lines
      Transcon Lines
      Viking Freight Co.
      Voss Truck Lines
      Wichita Forwarding Co.
      Yellow Transit Freight Lines

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