Trucking In Eau Claire, Wisconsin In 1964

Located in west central Wisconsin and just 90 miles east of Minneapolis, Minnesota Eau Claire was served by 18 Interstate and 13 intrastate Motor Carriers. Only seven of those carriers actually had terminals in the city of 37,000 residents. Those carriers were Briggs Transportation Company, Cary Transfer Corp, Chippewa Motor Freight Line, Gateway Transportation, Osterman Transfer Co, Witte Transportation Company and Wisconsin Northern Transportation.

For this article, we will look at the two carriers with the largest number of employees in the city. Briggs Transportation Company terminal in Eau Claire was located at 910 Broadway Street and according to the city directory had 32 employed there, if which 20 were drivers. The headquarters for Chippewa Motor Freight was in Eau Claire at 2645 Harlem Avenue. There were 60 employees there.


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