Who was in the Trucking Industry in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1964

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is located in the west central part of the state and about 90 miles east of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1964 several large industrial factories were in the city, among them US Rubber Company, National Presto Industries and several baking plants. The city had around 38,000 resident.

The city was served by 18 Interstate and 13 intrastate motor carriers there were 7 truck terminals in the city. The companies with terminals in Eau Claire were:

  • Briggs Transportation Co. at 910 Broadway Street
  • Cary Transfer Corp. at Washington Heights
  • Chippewa Motor Freight Inc. at 2645 Harlem Avenue
  • Gateway Transportation at 28 Maple Street
  • Osterman Transfer Co. at the same 28 Maple Street building
  • Wisconsin Northern Transportation at Washington Heights
  • Witte Transportation Co. at 1063 Menominee Street



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