E. L. Long Motor Lines

This is a timeline history of a small intrastate common carrier that readers might not have ever heard of.  It is one of hundreds of small trucking firms that formed early in the age of regulation by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Like others, Long Motor Lines grew slowly until the firm would catch the eye of another growing carrier. Finally, a merger to create a larger firm already growing into what would become one of the largest carriers in the country! Here is the information I’ve been able to find about E. L. Long Motor Lines:

  • 1935- began in April operating between Greenwood and Greenville, South Carolina
  • 1939- small terminal opened in Greenville
  • 1945- On August 1 the South Carolina State Public Service Commission granted additional operating authority to serve areas from Greenville as follows: -between Greenville and Goldvolle via Lauren’s and Clinton, between Greenville and Anderson via Piedmont and Pelzer, between Greenville and Spartanburg via Greer and Lyman
  • 1947-moved to a larger terminal in Greenville and opened a terminal in Anderson, South Carolina. Authorized to discontinue service to Newberrt, Silverstreet and Chappels while at the same time added service to Goldville, Westminister, LaFrance and Edgefield.
  • 1948- terminals opened at Greenwood and Charleston
  • 1950- Constructed a new terminal in Greenville on ten acres
  • 1951- terminal opened at Columbia
  • 1952- terminal in Rock Hill opened
  • 1955- new terminal opened at Anderson
  • 1957- on December 10 the company announced the sale of the firm to Overnite Transportation

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