Gateway Transportation History

February 1965- New Toledo, Ohio terminal with 26 doors opened at 370 Matzinger Road. Moved from 5212 Tractor Road in a facility used for the past 15 years.

May 2, 1966- Announced that Revenues for the first quarter of 1966 we’re about 37 percent ahead off the same period of 1965. The increase of revenues includes revenues of Adkins Cargo Express, Inc. and Tamiami Freightways, Inc. for the first quarter of 1966 in the amount of $2,837,000. Adkins and Tamiami were acquired by Gateway in mid-1965.

The year was 1973. The city was La Crosse, Wisconsin. The company was Gateway Transportation Co. Inc. which was one of the largest motor carriers in the nation. La Crosse was the headquarters for Gateway, which in the past year had moved into new executive offices.

Compiled from a 1973 La Crosse city directory, below is roster of the 184 residents listed as being employed with Gateway, along with their positions held.

First is a list of executive officers of the company:

  • Eugene Murphy, Chairman of the Board
  • James R. Smaby, Vice Chairman
  • John A. Murphy, President
  • Richard R. Sherer, Executive Vice President
  • Charles L. Redel, Executive Vice President
  • Michael P. Murphy, Vice President & Secretary
  • John H. Kohlhoven, Vice President-Finance & Treasurer
  • Joseph E. Ludden, Vice President-Administrative Law
  • James R. Stili, Vice President-Traffic
  • Eugene Bruha, Vice President- Maintenance
  • John Prendergast, Vice President-Sales
  • Ambrose Coughlin, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
  • Anthony Karr, Regional Vice President-South Region
  • Lawrence Lindseth, Regional Vice President
  • John Moody, Regional Vice President-East Region

That list above is off the top 14 employees, but what positions did the other 170 employees have with Gateway? Remember that La Crosse was not only the headquarters but also was the site of one of the terminals and maintenance shops for Gateway. Of the remaining employees the following positions were held by one employee each:

Director of Employee Relations

  • Construction Engineer
  • Garage Superintendent
  • Systems Engineer
  • Company Newspaper Editor
  • Janitor
  • Sales Manager
  • Hook up man
  • Accountant
  • Assistant Supervisor
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Laborer
  • Office Manager
  • Research & Development Manager
  • Office Helper
  • Traffic Representative
  • Rate Center Computer Manager
  • Traffic Manager
  • Shipping Department worker
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Machinist
  • Custodian
  • Engineer
  • Tire-man ( Edwin A Becker)
  • Painter ( Paul R Angell)
  • Parts man (Larry L Barney)

The following positions were held by multiple employees, the number next to the position denotes how many of that   Job title were used by Gateway:

  • Mechanics 16, including Mark R Anderson, Harold J Barclay,
  • Clerks 4, including Margaret M Arlt,
  • Office Workers 3, including Mrs Karla Artchswager,
  • Supervisors 9, including Roger G Averbeck, Nyron J Bey,
  • Rate Clerks 6, including Frank F Bennington,
  • Dispatchers 8
  • Drivers 30
  • Repairmen 5
  • Foremen 4
  • Business Machine Operators 3
  • Dockmen 4
  • Office Secretaries 2
  • Employees not classified by position 50, including Carl J Becker, Fred J Becker, David W Belfield, John J Biermeier, ,

One thought on “Gateway Transportation History

  1. My dad, Lee Wilson was a City Driver in Milwaukee for Gateway for @25 years; started @1955 to @1980.
    Roy Larson (sic?) was their top OTR Driver and winner of Safety Awards and Truck Rodeo Contests.


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