Largest Trucking Firms In 1967

From the 1968 Moody’s Transportation Manual I have compiled this list of the largest trucking companies based on annual revenues reported. Some companies are not included as their information would be in later volumes of Moody’s. For example, Branch Motor Express is not listed since their first inclusion in the book was in 1970, as they went public in 1969.

Consolidated Freightways $198,279,000
Roadway Express 150,124,000
Pacific Intermountain Express 108,748,000
Associated Transport 105,266,000
Yellow Transit Freight Lines 104,196,000
McLean Trucking Company 91,591,000
Transcon Lines 77,985,000
Spector Motor Freight System 76,033,000
Interstate Motor Freight System 66,215,000
United-Buckingham Freight Lines 62,666,000
Denver-Chicago Trucking Company 61,456,000
Gateway Transportation 57,644,000
T.I.M.E. Freight 54,887,000
Navajo Freight Lines 49,478,000
Garrett Freightlines 45,999,000
Jones Motor Company 42,809,000
Associated Truck Lines 39,348,000
Carolina Freight Carriers Corp. 39,152,000
Werner-Continental 39,053,000
Cooper-Jarrett 37,852,000
Wilson Freight Co. 37,567,000
Overnite Transportation 37,474,000
Lee Way Motor Freight 35,813,000
Hall’s Motor Transit 35,557,000
St. Johnsbury Trucking 24,563,000
Merchants Fast Motor Lines 24,384,000
CW Transport 22,869,000
Adley Express 22,650,000
Eastern Freightways 21,790,000
Dohrn Transfer 21,616,000
Transport Motor Express 20,571,000
Helms Express 18,395,000
Shippers Dispatch 16,175,000

One thought on “Largest Trucking Firms In 1967

  1. Do you have any information on a trucking company by the name of IKC (Indianapolis Kansas City)? Transcon bought them out in the late 1960s.


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