List of Trucking Employees A-C in 1947 Cleveland, Ohio

The following alphabetical list of trucking companies contain lists of employees for each company, along with the position held. If the employee did not live in the city limits if Cleveland, Ohio then the suburb or city name if residence is shown in parentheses.

AA Trucking Company Owner- Anthony J Rocco (University Heights)

Abingdon Cartage Company Owner- Edward B Cullen (Cleveland Heights)

Acme Delivery Company Owner- Leonard L Bregman

Manager- Theo F Bogater

Acme Fast Freight

General Manager- Arthur F Oliver (Rocky River)

Checker- Joseph a Kocurko

Akron-Chicago Transportation Co. Inc.

Alford Trucking Company Owner- James K Alford (Lakewood)

Allen Express & Moving Company Owner- Raymond L Foster (Rocky River)

George F Alger Company

District Manager- Andrew R Greenlee

Office Manager- Gustav Bumbliss Jr.

Drivers- Donald S Christensen

Mechanics- JJ Alexander

Forenan-Anthony Klar

Allmen Transportation & Moving

President- Henry L Ammen

Vice Presidents- Mrs. Myrtle Allmen, N Stanley Allmen

Secretary- Henry E Allmen

Salesmen- William J Owens

Accountant- Cecile Lindernau

Dispatchers- Carlton R Heinz, Jesse F Perry

Drivers- Carl Anderson, Robert F Beldin, Alf J Braat, Arthur R Chipcase, Milton W Clark, Bryan W Conway, Edward H Cooper, Charles E Curby, Andrew J Czimbal, Earl Edwards, Bernard F Farrell, Raymond F Fields, Theo R Fleming, John H Hansen, Harry W Herman, Kazimer M Jablonski, Martin Janus, John E Kerwin, Gerald W Kaiser, James Lemmer, William J Livock, Anthony J Ohman (Lakewood), Fredrick w Owens, William H Payette, Calvin A Peake, Herman A Perkins, Donald E Perry(North Royalton, Ohio), Henry Petrie, Fred P Polley, Franklin F Polley, Walter F Rogers, Andy Ronyerz, Floyd C Shoemaker, Glenn Sharkey

Mechanics- Felix Aciverno, Elmer Bede, Frank E Bernard (Strongsville), Orlando E Brown, Delmar H Fisher, William E Floyd, Arthur A Humphries (Parma), Edward F Kralik, George Miller, William R Miller

All States Freight Inc.

Manager-Kenneth E McChesney (Akron)

Dispatcher- James S Foliano

Drivers- Joseph Amato

American Transit Lines

Manager-Harold Fine

Stenographer- Elaine L Foerster

Accountant- Leo F Kaufman

American Transportation Corp.

Office Secretary- Mabel A Moses

Anchor Motor Freight

President- Hugh M O’Neil (Shaker Heights)

Secretary & Treasurer- Ward F Bauman (Shaker Heights)

Secretary- Denton Jolly (Shaker Heights)

Manager- Stanley E Rose

Anderson Motor Service

Clerk- Anna L Rogers

Solicitor- Edward Semether

Andrews Cartage Co.

President- Neil F Frerick

Vice President- RH Woodruff

Secretary & Treasurer- JD Andrews

Foreman- Robert F Mehling (Cleveland Heights)

Warehouse Manager- William F Mayer

Associated Transport Inc.

Terminal Manager- Robert N Curry

Private Secretary- Dorothy Miller

Sales Manager- Howard Adumelt

Manager- James V Beaton

Salesmen- George J Balogacs

Clerks- Joseph Klinowski (East Cleveland), Regina Klinowski

Atchison Moving & Storage Co. Owner- Louis Atchison (East Cleveland)

Driver- Lloyd J Atchison (East Cleveland)

Aztec Lines Inc.

Drivers- Michael Buono, Lawrence Jasary, Jack Memmer , Charles Mendat, Thomas T Muni

Barnett Trucking Co.

President-Joseph J Barbett

Vice President- Arnold J Barnett

Secretary & Treasurer- Mrs Clara A Barnett

Bell Lines Inc.

Manager- Harry H Stein

Bender & Loudon Motor Freight

Manager- Charles Conger (Peninsula)

Assistant Foreman- Herbert Clotz

Foreman- Corwin A Carson, Max Schellin

Clerks- Emma M Klein, Corinne Otto

Mechanic- Burton H Clotz, Paul R Robinson,

Checker- Joseph J Kreigler

Drivers- Saide S Haddad, Rudolph O Lewis, Henry R Reye (Euclid, Ohio)

Office Manager-Robert Shuey (Peninsula, Ohio)

Bethlehem Transportation Corp

Manager- Frank C Oakes (Shaker Heights)

Stenographer- Dorothy O O’Neill

Bolin Drive-Away

Comptroller- Philip M Fisk (Cleveland Heights)

Office Secretary- Marie A Klepetko

Clerks- Walter Kleuer (Independence)

Dispatcher- Mrs Rose Miller

Drivers- Robert T Goodwin (Bay Village), Henry Hendricks, Richard T Kellogg, Thomas J Hoventz, Warren C Madison (Cleveland Heights), William H Pfeffer

Brada Cartage Co.

Manager- Michael Barth (North Olmstead)

Brainard Freight Lines Inc.

President- Harry Amicoe (East Cleveland)

Secretary- Samuel Lopero (South Euclid)

Bridgeways Inc.

Manager- Landis B Wertz

Solicitor- Herbert Nittenour

Bruder Cartage Co. Owner- David B Bruder (Cleveland Heights)

Drivers- Lloyd S Brennan, Edmund Cambra, Truman L Curry, Shirley Drake, Ernest R Ezekiel, Wilce Goldsby, James A Hartman, George Maddox, Jerry McWarter, Leo A Seltz

Buck Transfer Co. Owner- Charles W Buck

CABY Transportation Co.

President- William H Howle

Secretary & Treasurer- Mrs Eva F Howle

CCC Highway Inc.

Vice President- Irving A Miller (Lakewood)

Cargo Carriers Inc.

Vice President- Robert F Berkey (Westlake)

Central Transit Co.

President- John O DeVenne

Vice President- Adelbert F Amor

Secretary- WS DeVenne

Treasurer- John W DeVeene

Cleveland-Chicago Motor Express Co.

President & Treasurer- Charles R Allison (Gates Mills)

Vice Presidents- Frederick Denmart (Cleveland Heights), RC Jorgensen (Chicago, I’ll)

Secretary- Charles D Hilles (Shaker Heights)

Operating Manager- William F Krueger (Berea)

Bookkeeper- Dusan Adanov

Dispatchers-Thomas A Kirdner (Cleveland Heights), Edward R Lash

Clerks- Dorothy Julian, Vadera P Japel (Maple Heights), Mrs Harriett M Rose

Repairman- Kenneth J Donovan, Frank T Ronto

Dockmen- Louis Lebowitz, Jerry O’Neil, Charles A Schroeder

Drivers- Thomas F Guddy, Kenneth Mahurin, John O’Boyle (Chardon), Julius S Riley

Watchman- Leonard L Raiser

Cleveland-Pittsburgh Freight Lines, Inc.

President & GeneralManager- John J Drap

Secretary & Treasurer- Mrs Nary A Drap

Office Secretaries-Marion Reigel, Mrs Nancy K Shaw

Supervisor- Charles E Koles (ChagrinFalls)

Clerks- Stephen Ican, Edward N Kirkpatrick

Mechanic- Louis Kazenski

Helper- Andrew Matik

Drivers- Edward J Black, Henry Brajdlich, Charles A Buchannan, Joseph Hilad, Michael Jackson, John E Mortarity, Leslie S Parr, Simon Richlovsky, Theo Richlovsky

Cleveland Storage Co.

Assistant Treasurer- Helen M Johnson (Cleveland Heights)

Warehouse Superintendent- Clarence W Allen

Cleveland Terminal Warehouse

Manager- Stephen A Olexa

Employee- Howard C Horning

Dockman- Samuel J Konkolly

Cochran Bros, Transportation Co.

Terminal Manager- Anne Watson

Commercial Motor Freight

Office Secretary- Jeanne L Courtin

Dispatcher- Earl J Downie

Freight Serviceman- Frank J Germany

Foreman- Glenn H Cowell

Consolidated Cartage & Storage Co.

President- Isidore Beinstein

Treasurer- Frank H Gaerttner

Driver- John Morris

Contract Carrier Corp.

President- CE Wenham

Secretary & Treasurer- F L Wenham

Director & Manager- Charles R Foster (Euclid)

Contract Transportation Co.

Secretary & Treasurer- John A Kelley

Continental Transportation Lines Inc.

District Manager- Terry J Connors

Private Secretary- Martha L Dwyer

JF Crowl Trucking Co. Owner- John F Crowl

Movers- George E Cole, Albert Cole, Brantley McCibben

Drivers- Ruel Elwin

Curtis Storage & Transfer Inc.

Clerk- Nancy A Immarino

Driver- James Harris

Cuyahoga Trucking Co. Owner- Frank A Mencurio


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