A Look At Bowman Transportation In 1988

The fleet:

  • 622 tandem axle line haul tractors
  • 25 single axle line haul tractors
  • 498 pickup and delivery tractors
  • 184 pickup and delivery trucks
  • 200 48’ tandem axle van trailers
  • 12 45’ tandem axle wedge trailers
  • 1 45’ tandem axle van trailer
  • 2311 45’ tandem axle van trailers
  • 50 45’ tandem axle open top trailers
  • 60 40’ tandem axle van trailers
  • 45 40’ tandem axle flatbed trailers
  • 47 40’ tandem axle rack equipped trailers
  • 10 40-65’ slider flatbed trailers
  • 749 28’ doubles van trailers

Total of 1,329 pieces of power equipment and 3,701 trailers

The terminals:

The largest terminal Bowman had in 1988 was located at 4271 Bowman Industrial Court in the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Conley. Sitting on 58 acres of land, the terminal had 228 doors and 129,960 square feet of warehouse space. Old Dominion Freight Lines is in that terminal now.

The second largest Bowman terminal was at 11000 Reames Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. It had 106 dock doors on 36 acres and warehouse space of 52,900 square feet. Now used by Yellow Freight and was formerly a Roadway Express terminal.

Another 106 door terminal with 52,900 square feet of warehouse space, this one was at 461 Winchester Road in Memphis, Tennessee

The Bowman 94 door Birmingham, Alabama terminal has been long redeveloped at 1900 Vanderbilt Road

The Dallas, Texas facility of 64 doors on 11.5 acres still resembles a truck terminal although it is used for another purpose now.

This is 3801 Cherry Street in Houston, Texas, the site of the Bowman terminal of 60 doors on 6.5 acres.

At 62 doors the Chicago, Illinois terminal was 24,720 square feet of space on 6.5 acres at 5400 West 47th Street.

The inside of the 62 door Chicago, Illinois terminal.

There were three 48 door terminals in the Bowman system at this time. One was in Miami, Florida and the others were in New Orleans, Louisiana And Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Miami facility was the smaller of the two in terms of size with 9,600 square feet of warehouse space and was situated on a 5 acre lot at 3275 NW 41st Street. In New Orleans the building had almost six thousand more square footage and the property was an acre larger. The terminal was located at 12301 Old Gentilly Road. Chattanooga was the same size as New Orleans but on an 8 acre site at 2040 Polymer Drive East.

44 door terminals for Bowman were located in Kansas City, Missouri and Kernersville, North Carolina near Winston-Salem. The Kansas City terminal address was 3621 Gardner Avenue. In Kernersville, beginning in the middle 1960’s, several truck terminals were built along NC Highway 66 South off of Interstate 40. The Bowman terminal was on the west side of Highway 66, in a building originally used by ET & WNC Transportation. On the other side of the street were much larger terminals for Pilot Freight Carriers, Roadway Express and ABF Freight System.

There were two 42 door terminals in the Bowman system. One was in Nashville, Tennessee at 1100 Visco Drive and the other was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 3899 Belgrade Street.


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