1938 Alabam’s Freight Line ad

From the November 20, 1938 edition of the Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix I found this full page advertisement for Alabam’s Fright Line which was one of the largest carriers in the southwest at the time. nine years earlier, in October 1929, the company offered to the public $50,000 of 8% preferred stock.

In 1938 the company had 60 pieces of equipment and 100 employees. At Safford, Arizona they connected with Morales Freight Lines and at Prescott connected with Spidell Freight Lines.


One thought on “1938 Alabam’s Freight Line ad

  1. 1938 Alabam’s Freight Line ad. My paternal grandfather, John A. (Alabam) Horton, started this company. My dad, Don Horton, drove his dad’s trucks as a teenager. Alabam died in 1935, when my dad was just finishing high school and (if I have the story straight) my grandmother sold the business not long after.


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