Rhode Island Trucking In 1943

Since Rhode Island is such a small state, this list encompasses trucking companies that were located in the state during 1943. There were many individuals who were in the trucking business who may have been owner operators for other companies and they are listed here also.

This list shows each city in Rhode Island and the companies or trucking individuals within those cities:

Apponoug-John R. Colberg, Cook & Son, Greenwood Trucking Company

Bradford- Victor Gervasini

Bridgeton- Waldo Taft

Bristol- Manuel Alves Jr, Dupont’s Express, Frank Lanzire, Le Clerc”s Motor Express, Rego & Sons

Central Falls- Corrigan”s New York Dispatch, Coutu Brothers, Albert Gravel, John W Rogers, George E Sabourin, Sheridan Bros Inc, Textile Motor Express Terminal, Arthur J Valcourt, Watt Bros.

Charlestown- AC Church

Chepiwanoxset- Taylor Motor Express

Conimicut- Doherty”s Trucking Co.

Cranston- Abco Van Lines, Adley Express Co, Arlington Transportation Co, Auburn Trucking Co, B & B Transportation, Edwin O Blinkhorn, Adelbard Burke, George H Carpenter, Patrick J Compton, Consolidated Motor Lines Inc, Ralph Conyers, Fransesco Derole, Gaspee Transportation Co Inc, Earl A Glockner, Charles Klajian, Joseph R Nottage, Providence Teaming Co Inc, Ligian Russo, Michael F Russo, William Succocia, Clarence R Shogren, Wooster Express Inc.

Cumberland Hill- A. Boucher, Hector Rochette

East Providence- Johnson”s Teaming & Trucking , William J Armstrong, James D Brown, Fredrick G Chapman, John M Devaney, John L Edwards, Frank V Francis, Charles M Gray, Edward S Hall, Everett Keith, Wheaton J Miller, FH Murphy Trucking Co, National Carloading Corp, William R Robertson Jr, Ernest D Tetlow, Charles A Wales, Williams Transportation Co Inc

Foster- Byron J Hall

Hope- Moan Bros, West Warwick Motor Express

Hope Valley- Louis B Sunderland

Hughesdale- L Merluzzo & Sons

Jamestown- Norman Caswell, Herbert H Head, R Vierira Co

Johnston- Ernest F Coole, Frank E Mullins, Rocco Parillo

Lafayette- Ernest Cooper, Rowland B Dyer

Lime Rock- Harry Myers

Lincoln Park- Pautuxet Valley Motor Express

Little Compton- Charles Sisson

Manton- Raymond W Farrell, V Nissen

Mapleville- H StPeter

Marieville- Carpenter”s Express, AJ Laurie”s Trucking Co

Middletown- John M Toppa

Narragansett- W I Hill

Nansonville- E W Tillinghast

Natick- Artur Barsalow

Newport- Borden Transportation Co, Charles M Brierley, Melville B Peckham, Warren B Peckham

North Scituate- Cook & Soler, Dexter Bros, Howard Harris, Ernest Leuasser & Son

Pascong- H Ferris, Arsenne Masse, Moore’s Motor Express

Pawtucket- Albert T Boulouis, George H Bowley & Son, William T Burrows, Florence E Conlan, Conlan Warehouse Co, Conrad J Couto, Crane & Trucking Company of Rhode Island Inc, Anton Derels, Emmoyy Valley Transportation Co Inc, William A Flynn, William A Gilson, Raymond C Graham, Holmes Transportation Service, Jackson & Sons Motor Express, Bernard Kirk, Francois Lafleur, Edward G Lawson, Theodore LeBeau, Eugene L Lemieux, Arland D Marsh, Leo J Mathlieu, HG McCormick Inc, Erwin H Mixer, Joseph L Mulholland, Pawtucket Trucking Co, Charles Pelletier, Pelletier Trucking Co Inc, Perry”s Express Co Inc, Joseph C Sabourin, Sheridan Bros, Inc, Standard Transportation Co Inc, Wightman Express Co

Peace Dale- Frank”s Daily Express

Pontiac- WA Johnson

Providence- Acme Fast Freight Inc, AB&C Motor Transportation Inc, Acme Transportation Co, Andrews & Pierce Transportation Co, Atlantic Motor Express, Boston & Taunton Transportation, C&D Transportation Co, Capitol Motor Transportation, Carolina Freight Carriers Corp, Carpenter”s Express, Carpenter’S Transportation, Cole Teaming Company, WF Coulton Motor Express, Fast 8 Lines, Garford Trucking Inc, Harrison Motor Freight, Hemingway Bros Interstate Trucking Co, M & M Transportation Co, P B Mutrie Motor Transportation, McCarthy Freight System, McLean Trucking Company, Michael Burns Trucking Co, Old Colony Transportation Co, Railway Express Agency, Seaboard Freight Lines, F B Talbot”s Express, Trainor Bros Motor Express, Winward Trucking Co, Fall River & New Bedford Express Co

Riverside- D J Crinin Inc

Smithfield- Lawrence E Fagan

South Kingstown- S Leroy Carpenter

Thornton- Arthur A Abbott, Michael F Russo

Tiverton- Arthur E manchester, George E Snell

Valley Falls- Burns Bros, Robert Cote, John Walpole

Wakefield- LeRoy Carpenter, HW Holgate, Stefano”s Express

Warren- Warren Drown”s Express, John Fielding & Son, Warren Building Moving Co

Washington- Peter Beanton, Frank E Rathburn, William R Whipple

West Barrington- William H Adams & Son Inc, James A Rutledge

West Warwick- Adolphe Asselin, Dodd”s Motor Transportation , Louis S Gervais, AW Knight & Son, E McCombe, Plante & Pare, Smith”s General Trucking, Arthur Verveille

Westerly- Atherton & Sons, Frank W Champlin, George H Champlin, Henry Hazard, William Milner & Son, Guy H Peckham, Michelle Prizito, George L Quattromi, Rogers Company, James Romanella & Sons, Fredrick P Savage & Son, Joseph M Shea, Sparrow Bros, LeRoy B Talbot, Westerly:s Trucking Service

Wickford- Rowland B Dyer, Frank Fanning

Woonsocket- Boston & Woonsocket Ecpress Company, Bourcler Bros, Alme Bourgault, Jules Guerin, Laport Transportation Company, Laramiee”s Transfer & Teaming Co Inc, A Pelletier, Lefrancois Transfer & Teaming Co Inc, Wilfred J Leclair, Arthur P Normandin, Philip Celestano, Red Star Motor Transportation, Nora Tester, St Germain Motor Transportation, Theroux Bros, Trotter”s Providence-Woonsockett Express, Theodore Trudel


2 thoughts on “Rhode Island Trucking In 1943

  1. Hi All: I have an odd request. I collect advertising pencils, and then research the companies and their history. I recently came across a pencil that says R.D. MOTOR EXPRESS. It has phone numbers for MUNCIE, ANDERSON, INDIANAPOLIS, NEW CASTLE. I believe the pencil is 60s era. Can any of you shed light on the history of this company? It was most certainly a trucking transport business. Many thanks, and regards from Portland.


    1. There was not a lot of history to be found on R.D. Motor Express but I will share what was found. In March 1931 the company applied to the Indiana Public Service Commission to operate between Muncie and Indianapolis. Two years later another route was requested from Indianapolis to Muncie. In 1948, they acquired Indianapolis- New Castle Express Lines. That’s all I was able to find, hope it helps. Thanks for reading!


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