List of Class 1 Motor Carriers in 1939 Ranked by Revenue

This is a list of all Class 1 common carriers listed by revenue in 1939. To be classified as a Class 1 carrier the company had to have revenues above $500,000.

BFA5E6EA-870B-4FF4-BE5C-C350096B2817Many of the companies on the list are long gone. 0FAEEB7B-4096-4400-A3B9-FC1CF7CA79A6

The majority on this list have been absorbed by other carriers.D6846BBC-DCC6-4998-9BF7-B372F814D933Eventually I’ll present a history on every carrier on the list!B78D24AD-0725-4D6D-B8DA-B130DB34A30B


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