Thank You!

As of today, pages viewed during 2018 have exceeded that of the entire year 2017 and it only took until July 14th to do it! I big thank you is due to my readers for such an accomplishment. I never imagined that this blog would be so popular with its specific area of trucking history. As years go by it will be more difficult to find those who remember the days of trucking industry regulation, or to remember some of the companies presented here. My goal from the start was to preserve the history of the industry under government control, and I’m finding more  information daily to keep this going. With continued readership page views will keep climbing and more records will be broken each year!

In the past week I have found research materials that I did not know to exist: mainly complete volumes of Commercial Car Journal (CCJ) from 1933 to 1972, and a 1977 Motor Carrier Directory. CCJ is a Trade magazine for the trucking industry and included in the issues is a wealth of information concerning truckers from yesteryear. The directory has detailed info about most of the motor carriers operating in the country including terminal locations, route maps and other items.

Keep reading and check back often as there is much more to come. As always your comments are welcome. Thanks again!

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