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The earliest history that I have been able to locate is that on May 24, 1928 a permit was issued in Tennessee for the company to transport freight between Johnson City and Elizabethton

in 1936 the Johnson City, Tennessee Headquarters was at 111 Tipton Street.

1937- Submitted ICC application to lease physical property and operating rights of Imperial Transportation Company, Inc.; Hoover Lines, Inc. and Chattanooga p-Atlanta Motor Freight Line. Imperial operated between High a Point, NC and Roanoke, Virginia. Hoover operated between Nashville, Tennessee and New York, NY via Johnson City, Tennessee. All aspects of the application were denied by the ICC on October 30, 1937 ( from ICC Decisions of Motor Carriers Volume 5 page 196)

In 1940 there was a terminal in Greensboro, NC listed in the City Directory at 923 Fairground Avenue.

In October 1953 The Company extended its operations to the metropolitan areas of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore by acquiring a portion of the operating rights of W.R. Chandler Transfer Company Of Asheville, North Carolina. In a 1945 advertisement in the Asheville, NC city directory, WR Candler Transfer had an Asheville Terminal at 200 Clingman Avenue and a terminal in New York, NY at 133-139 31st Street in Brooklyn. Terminal locations in 1955 showed locations at Philadelphia at 332-34 North 2nd Street and Baltimore at 801-B North Point Road. By 1963 the Asheville terminal had moved to 208 Swannanoa River Road. At the time ET &WNC had 2 terminals and a fleet of more than 700 pieces of equipment. Due to the distance to the new areas to be served, sleeper cabs of two driver teams would be used.

In January 1954 the company acquired Inter-City Trucking Company of Memphis, Tennessee for $427,500. This would extend the reach of ET&WNC to western Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.D72E413D-217F-4458-891D-622DD3936024

In the Winston-Salem, NC city directory a terminal was listed as being on Tower Drive at the southeast corner of Stadium Drive.

ET&WNC purchased new equipment in April 1965 which consisted of 37 tandem axle diesel road tractors, 8 city tractors, 21 pick up and delivery trucks and 67 trailer

In 1971 a new terminal was built in Kernersville, North Carolina. Kernersville had already become known as a trucking center with a prominent location in between the big cities of Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Kernersville was home to large breakbulk terminals for Pilot Freight Carriers and Roadway Express, and this new terminal for ET&WNC was just a stones throw from both of them.698E88C7-2D8F-4754-9518-417C153B17EE.jpeg

Another acquisition was made, this time in November 1973. This time the purchase was for Red Line Transfer & Storage Co. of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Red Line served points in Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas. In  August 1977 Red Ball Motor Freight acquired ET&WNC Transportation.

From 1977 Edition of National Motor Carrier Directory

8 thoughts on “ET & WNC Transportation

  1. Can you please let me know where you found the permit to operate in 1928? I am working on a major article on the early years of this company.


    1. As a subscriber to, I did a general search for ET & WNC and specified the years I wanted to look up the articles for. The article referenced showed several carriers getting permits from Tennessee PUC.


    1. I wrote a 92 page magazine that covered the founding and growth of the ET&WNC Motor Transportation Company. They are for sale through me for $10 plus $4 shipping.
      Johnny Graybeal


      1. I appreciate your efforts but I am not set up to sell items on this website unless I pay a monthly fee. I don’t pay a monthly fee and I’m not going to charge for access to this site. WordPress could shut this site down if I’m selling stuff when I’m not supposed to, so please don’t advertise things for sale on here. Thanks


  2. The ET&WNC trucks passed my childhood home in the 1940s and 1950s. We called it “Eat Taters and Wear No Clothes.”


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