History of Truck Transport, Inc- ICC MC2

All common carriers under the regulation of the Interstate Commerce Commission were assigned an MC number. Their assigned certificate number was required to be posted on the trucks and tractors of the company. The number would have been assigned to the company when the application was submitted for consideration, and the earlier numbers such as this one would have been assigned soon after the Commission began regulating trucking companies in July 1935.

The lowest number I have ever been able to locate is ICC MC-2, assigned to Truck Transport, Inc. Although the researched history starts in 1940, the original operating certificate could have been assigned to an individual, as the majority of the earliest ones were. Later on it could have been amended to reflect the corporate name, but it is not noted in the ICC Motor Carrier Reports available for viewing.

History Of Truck Transport, Inc.

May 10, 1940- The Company was incorporated in Indiana in the General Transportation business. Principles of the firm included Milton Ratner, Jesse L. Cook and Dorothy Evans.

August 26, 1941- Notice Of Oublic Hearing before the Public Service Commission Of Indiana, the company applied as a contract carrier over all highways in Indiana for transport of roofing and building materials.

June 1942- The Company was operating in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan from terminals in Chicago, Illinois at 1740 North Central Avenue and in South Bend, Indiana at 1525 South Walnut Street

July 28, 1943- The ICC denied an application for the company to extend operations to transport specific commodities between points in Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania over irregular routes. Representing the company at the ICC hearing were C.D. Todd, Jr.; Harry C. Ames, and Jesse L Cook. Representing the companies protesting the application were Kirkwood Yockey, EM Davis, WJ Guenther, George W Cowan, Harold J Harris, HJ Waples, Ray O Nurrie, OJ Norris, HR Clauss and Gilbert A Siegel.


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