Charlotte, NC Trucking Companies In 1947

The trucking industry in 1947 was still young, with being regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission since 1935. In the twelve years of regulation, many of the trucking companies were rather small firms, only spreading out routes into several neighboring states from their home base. Included in that time were the war years of WWII, when much of the traffic was for the government.

Even with the limited growth history, the trucking industry had established Charlotte, North Carolina as a center where several southeastern firms had headquarters. Among those were Central Motor Lines, which had a route into Chicago: Miller Motor Express with routes stretched from Atlanta to New York; and Jocie Motor Lines, with coverage across several states in the south.

This list of trucking companies with terminals in Charlotte was compiled from a 1947 city directory.

  • Akers Motor Lines 1100 South Clarkson
  • Associated Transport Inc 1001-31 South Clarkson
  • Bottoms-Fisk Truck Lines Inc 2400 Hutchinson Av
  • Carolina Freight Carriers Corp 2433 Hutchinson Av
  • Carolina Motor Lines Inc 2400 Hutchinson Av
  • Central Motor Lines Co 2600 North Tryon St
  • Colonial Motor Freight Line Inc 913 West Hill
  • Dance Freight Lines Inc 2139 Dowd Rd
  • ET & WNC Transportation Co 1211 South Clarkson
  • Fredrickson Motor Express Corp 2109 Hutchinson Av
  • G & H Transit Co 920 West Hill
  • Great Southern Trucking Co 1325 Statesville Av
  • H & F Transportation Co Inc 1401 Elizabeth Av
  • Harris Motor Lines Inc 1425 North Tryon
  • Helms Motor Express 1128 South Clarkson
  • Howard Motor Lines Inc 214 West Tremont Av
  • Huckabee Transport Co 1030 South Mint
  • Hughes Transportation Inc 214 West Tremont Av
  • Jocie Motor Lines Inc 2115 North Tryon
  • Johnson Motor Lines Inc 2426 Hutchinson Av
  • Lipe Motor Lines 2139 Dowd Rd
  • Lowther Trucking Co 1211 South Clarkson
  • Mason- Dixon Lines Inc 2117 Dowd Rd
  • McLean Trucking Co Inc 2139 Dowd Rd
  • Miller Motor Express 2209-35 Dowd Rd
  • Overnite Transportation Co 1715 N Tryon
  • Pee Dee Express Inc 710 South Calvert
  • Peoples Motor Express Inc 610 West 24th
  • Piedmont Mountain Freight Lines 220 Tuckaseegee
  • Piedmont Trucking Co 2433 Hutchinson Av
  • Pilot Freight Carriers 709 South Calvert
  • R C Motor Lines 321-23 East 6th
  • R & W Motor Lines Inc 709 South Calvert
  • Roadway Express Inc 2529 North Tryon
  • Rutherford Freight Lines 2139 Dowd Rd
  • Silver Fleet Motor Express 1905 West Trade
  • Twin States Express Inc 1723 North Tryon
  • Youngblood Truck Lines2135 Dowd Rd

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