List of Motor Freight Corp. Employees In Terre Haute, Indiana in 1967

Motor Freight Corporation was based in Terre Haute, Indiana and at one time was owned by BF Goodrich Corporation before being sold to Branch Motor Express Co. This is a list of employees that worked at the headquarters office and terminal at 2345 South 13th Street in Terre Haute.

The executive officers of the company were Harry J. Adams (President), Seibert J. Allen (Vice President, Sales), John T. DeLoughery (Vice President, Finance), and Ronald W. Adams (Secretary, Treasurer)

  • Adams Carter H-dispatcher
  • Allen Seibert J- Vice President
  • Bailey Gene C- business machine operator
  • Banta Connie E- driver
  • Barbe William T- driver
  • Bedford Garland H- driver
  • Bernhard H Herschel- driver
  • Busiere Judy- office worker
  • Carlson Robert W- driver
  • Clayton Harold D- dispatcher
  • Collins Robert A- driver
  • Craig Eugene F- driver
  • Dalton Donald L- driver
  • Dannenberg Carl J- driver
  • Dean Jason E- driver
  • Dik Debach N- IBM operator
  • Ellinger John J- mechanic
  • Elliott Jason A- bodyman
  • Evil Donald- office worker
  • Green Gerald M- supply clerk
  • Hardest Aaron L- claims manager
  • Hauser Dean L- driver
  • Hayne Jackie D-driver
  • Higgins Robert W- office worker
  • Hollingseed Loren A- driver
  • Hull Doyn L- driver
  • Jennings Alf L- driver
  • King Dale R- foreman
  • Kintner Kelso K- driver
  • Lawry Bernard L- dock man
  • Lewis Ralph J- driver
  • Martz Ernest- driver
  • Perrelle Nick R- driver
  • Pierce Leon H- driver
  • Powell Julian- office worker
  • Rankin Chester R- driver
  • Rexrode Himond- driver
  • Russell Samuel M- driver
  • Scott Harris P- driver
  • Sharp Immogene Mrs- office worker
  • Stephens leo C- mechanic
  • Spitzer Robert- driver
  • Tryon Marvin- driver
  • Tyler Robert M- driver
  • Wharton Hubert- driver
  • Wilson Jason L- driver
  • Yochum William H- driver

50 employees in Terre Haute, 30 drivers, 3 mechanics, 10 office personnel


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