Motor Carriers Serving Philadelphia,Pa in 1938

The source of information for this post is the 1938 issue of Co-Ordinated Rate Guide which lists all carriers that provide service to all cities and towns listed in the book. Many of the carriers listed below had eventually been acquired by other companies during the many years after this large book was published.

  • Adley Express
  • Ajax Motor
  • All Jersey Motor Lines
  • Associated Freight Forwarders
  • Barnwell Brothers
  • E.L.Blake Lines
  • Boyce Motor Lines
  • Branch Storage Co.
  • Burgess Express
  • Davidson Transfer & Storage
  • East Coast Freight Lines
  • Eastern Motor Freight
  • J. Norman Geipe
  • Horton Motor Lines
  • Howard Trucking Co.
  • Interstate Magazine Hauling Corp.
  • Inter-State Motor Freight System
  • Jersey Coast Transfer Inc
  • Kramer Bros. Freight Lines
  • Kulp & Gordon
  • L & H Transportation Co.
  • Lancaster Transportation Co.
  • Victor Lynn Transportation Co.
  • Manners Motor Express
  • M & M Transportation Co.
  • Metropolitan Haulage
  • Middlesex Transportation Co.
  • Motor Freight Express
  • Mushroom Transportation
  • Needham’s Motor Service
  • North Braddock Motor Lines Inc
  • Norristiwn Motor Freight
  • Novick Transfer Co.
  • P. A. T. Transportation
  • Peach & Hodder Motor Lines
  • Philadelphia Drayage & Express
  • Pyramid Motor Freight
  • Reading Transportation
  • Seaboard Freight Lines Inc.
  • Shirks Motor Express Corp.
  • States Transportation Co.
  • Super Service Motor Freight Co.
  • Sutherland Shipping Inc
  • Trans-American Freight Lines
  • Union Transfer Affiliated Co.
  • Wheeling-Chicago Motor Express
  • Whinney’s Express
  • York-Buffalo Motor Express

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