Watson Bros. Transportation Company in 1947

The company operated over a system of regular routes between  Chicago on the east, Denver Colorado and Scottsbluff Nebraska on the west, Kansas City Missouri and Topeka Kansas on the south, and numerous points in northern Nebraska on the north. There were 143 pieces of equipment in the fleet.

Between Chicago, Illinois and Omaha, Nebraska Watson Bros. operated 3 regular routes while serving such intermediate points such as Davenport, Iowa and Council Bluffs, Nebraska.

Between Chicago, Illinois and Des Moines, Iowa it rendered daily service with a minimum of 2 trips in each direction between the two cities.

Omaha was the hub of its operations, and its’ terminal there could accommodate 70 trucks. Other terminals were located in 23 cities, including 10 in Nebraska, 5 in Iowa, 4 in Missouri, 3 in Kansas and one in Colorado.

The volume of freight increased from 5 million pounds of freight in 1940 to 13 million pounds in 1944. The volume of traffic over its routes between Chicago, Rock Island, Des Moines and Omaha was about 16% of the total volume of freight transported over its entire system.

5 thoughts on “Watson Bros. Transportation Company in 1947

  1. Have double fold brochure listing State by State adjusters for accident or injury : Watson Bros. Transportation Co.,Inc-802 South 14th St.-Omaha, Nebraska-At. 3456
    Also papers titled “OMAHA GENERAL SHOPS” 4/24/58 & “RULES FIR WATSON BROTHERS TRANSPORTATION COMPANY LOS ANGELES SLEEPER DIVISION” plus other company booklets & Line Drive Diary 1958-59; my deceased father in law’s records. Is there an archival organization per serving Watson Brothers historical legacy donating these artifacts?


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