Union Freightways-Details of Kansas City Terminal

From Volume 57 ICC reports 1950 page 73

Union Freightways territory extends from Minneapolis and St Paul on the next Ruth, Kansas City via Omaha on the south, Chicago on the east and Denver on the west via Omaha and Lincoln. The company fleet consists of 92 trucks, 210 tractors and 270 trailers from 13 terminals. Revenues for Union during 1949 was $4.3 million, net income after taxes was $120,662 and the operating ratio was 96%. The load factor in and out of  the Kansas City terminal is preponderantly north bound. Tonnage handled at Kansas City terminal:

May and June 1948- units dispatched was 350, average loads per unit was 19, 589 pounds, 341 inbound units with average loads per inbound was 10,519 pounds

One year later during the same period, there was a ten percent increase of total units dispatched at 385, a 21 percent decrease in inbounds units, down to 270 but an increase of 18 percent  in average loads per inbound unit to 12,787 pounds.


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