Be-Mac Transport 1946 Route Map

bemacThis blog has been ongoing for ten months now and it is time to thank my readers. Since my first post there have been over 800 visitors to the site. My hope is that the time the first anniversary arrives that there would be over a thousand visitors.

Are you enjoying the posts? Are the posts revealing information that you didn’t know? Is there any history on trucking companies that you would like to see? Your comments are welcome and I would like to know what you like about my articles and what you don’t like.

I try to search for little known sources of information. I don’t wish to rehash the same old info that you can get or show the same photos that are already on some well known and well visited sites. My first motivation is to not allow the history of some long gone carriers fade away. I want to keep them alive so that someone will enjoy what I present on this blog. many thanks to my loyal readers. I’m just getting started and there is much more to come.


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