McLean Trucking Takes Over US 52

image   Every so often I will find a trucking company promotional photo takes gets me thinking. It is the case with this McLean Trucking Company promo photo. In the photo three different McLean trucks pose on a highway. It is a nice shot with new equipment….but take a minute or so to deeply look at the surroundings. It’s OK if you don’t know enought about McLean to catch on quickly. For those who need prompting, let me explain two things about the photo.

First of all, the top of the building that emerges over the foreground trailer is the McLean offices at their Winston-Salem terminal in North Carolina. Travelers on Waughtown Street in Winston-Salem will tell you that that building still stands today! The headquarters terminal was behind the office building down a hill. Most of the terminal and shops could not be seen from the street, unless you were passing over Waughtown Street on US Highway 52.

Yes the highway that the trucks were sitting on for the photograph is US 52 as it passes over Waughtown Strret. Back many years ago one could look to the right while passing by going northbound on US 52 and see the large terminal complex. To get a photograph like this must have been quite an undertaking. The highway would have had to be closed for a few minutes while getting the trucks staged for the photo. Traffic backups surely would have occurred since US 52 was a major north-south artery through the city.

One thought on “McLean Trucking Takes Over US 52

  1. The middle McLean trailer appears to be a rag top with an orange top. Don’t see those much anymore, they were used for loading things like heavy machinery with an overhead crane. McLean’s CB nickname was Double Diamond. A lot of companies had nicknames, Branch was Tree Limb, Interstate System was Dollar Sign because of their logo looking like one, Johnson Motor Lines was Lazy J, Transcon was Trash Can.


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