Branch Motor Express First Terminal in Greensboro, NC

When I was growing up in Greensboro, NC there was a Branch Motor Express terminal at 2900 Patterson Street. The location was within two miles of our house and several times each week I was able to view the trucks when passing by the terminal. The building was built in the 1950s and Overnite Transportation was the first tenant. In 1960 when Overnite built a much larger terminal south of the city Branch moved in after acquiring Morgan Trucking Company, also based in Greensboro (more of this in a later blog).

The photo shows the former Branch terminal as it appears today. ABC Supply is on the property now and has added buildings so the red lines outline the original terminal and shop buildings.. When passing by the terminal in the 1960s and 1970s one could easily see several areas from the street. In front of the metal four bay shop there would be one or two rows of over-the-road tractors that were ready for use. Across the small paved lot would be ten spaces for the outboard ready line where road units would be parked waiting for drivers.

This was a breakbulk terminal for Branch and one of the six largest facilities with 40 dock doors. This was the home of the sleeper operation for the company and upwards of 25 road units would leave this terminal daily for New York City and Buffalo.The tractor numbers assigned to this terminal were in the 7000 to 7099 and 7100 to 7199 series and there were around 100 total road tractors based here.

In 1978 Branch moved from this terminal to the former Hemingway Transport terminal in Greensboro on Banner Avenue on the east side of the city. Lee Way Motor Freight had a small operation here but not for long. The terminal building was vacant for almost a year until ABC Supply moved in. Nothing was the same after that for the former truck terminal as additional buildings were erected.branch

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