Happy 2023!

First of all I want to thank all of the regular readers to the website. Without your continued support my efforts to bring history of the LTL trucking industry my efforts would not have been a success. You may be aware that I do little promotion except for an occasional link in some of the Facebook trucking groups that i am a member of.

Although there were fewer page views last year, that can be attributed to fewer posts during the year. It was still a very good year with readers viewing tens of thousands of pages. The reason for fewer articles was a substantial amount of time researching Cleveland, Ohio trucking history. I was able to finally purchase a Cleveland city directory, albeit more expensive than I’m used to spending. I had no idea just how long it would take reading every page on a two thousand page volume with each page having three columns across with fine print!

All of that research is ending and several articles will be added soon. I hope you”ll be pleased with the amount of information that will be added. That won”t be all-other articles will be forthcoming throughout the year.

The only downside to the new year is that I’m at the point where no more photos can be added unless I upgrade to a better hosting plan for the website. The option is to upgrade to a $300 a year plan, which I am still considering. Some of you have donated funds and that is very appreciated. Some of my articles have a button in which donations can be sent. If you are able I hope you will consider sending a donation to keep this site going with photos.

I am still amazed at the number of comments sent regarding some of the articles. Many family members of those who ran some the trucking companies and many former employees of others have reached out with memories and questions. Thanks!

Here’s to a successful year and thanks again to all of you!


One thought on “Happy 2023!

  1. Just ran across this interesting site! I’m a truck/trucking company owner myself! I have been doing recent research on Ancestry.com on both my biological family and the family that adopted me. In my biological tree, I discovered a late great-great uncle that on his WW2 draft card, his employer was Commercial Motor Freight, Columbus, Ohio. The address of his employment was 1311 W. Market St. Louisville, Ky, as he was a driver. Apparently, the building is still there, and what I found on this site was the same address was occupied by a Meeks. Would like to research and find out more in time!


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