Companies You Never Heard Of- Denny Motor Freight Lines

Photo of one of the Denny trucks in 1935

For the June 2018 installment of trucking companies you have never heard of, we present to you the story of Denny Motor Freight Lines Of New Albany, Indiana. Formed in 1918 the company originally transported freight between New Albany, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Later the route was extended from New Albany to Bedford. In 1924 after Bloomington had been added to the route, the Louisville to Indianapolis route was opened over State Route 31.

The period of rapid expansion did not begin until 1930 when routes were granted between Louisville and Cincinnati; and between Louisville and Terre Haute.

An  acquisition was made in 1934 when Hurst Trucking, a company operating between Indianapolis, Lafayette, Frankfort and Lebanon. Later that same year a large 60 door terminal was opened in Indianapolis at 336 West McCarty Street. The new terminal had 59,000 square feet of space, had 75 employees and also leased space to other carriers, namely Michigan- Indiana Transportation Company, Decatur Cartage Company, Burnside Motor Freight Lines and North Shore Fast Freight Service.


Addresses of some of the terminals were:

Muncie, Indiana- 215 North Franklin

Louisville, Kentucky- 1338 West Market

Cincinnati, Ohio- 519 Livingston Street

In 1938 The Company filed bankruptcy and a sale of assets included 43 trucks, 66 tractors and 130 trailers. Much of the route authority was sold to Commercial Motor Freight Of Ohio.


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